Interview With a Radionics Sage

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Interview With a Radionics Sage

Recently I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing someone who has been practicing radionics for perhaps 45 years. John Nauss is a healer, happy to share his wisdom, living in Canada. I was very impressed and enlightened by this interview. John gives us a glimpse into his wisdom, from influences during his younger days to the actual practice of radionics, with deep insight and lucidity. I trust that through this interview you too will be able to gain some insights into how you may practice radionics. John also regularly conducts classes, imparting his profound knowledge on the subject. So without further ado, let us proceed to the interview:

► What was your background to Radionics? Everyone has a story; could you tell us a little of yours?

I have several points of reference of this in my experience and it’s been from grace to grace that I learned. It was around age 8 that I remember hearing about “water witching” from mum’s family.  Rent increases caused dad to buy a piece of land and build a house. That was when I saw my grandfather dowse for the best place for a well. It was close to the house which made dad worried, but grandfather said there were two springs and the bed was sand. My grandfather showed me how it was done, with a large iron crowbar which suspended at the middle in his hand. If there was water it dipped forward. I felt it shift when I did it. Pa said I was a natural.

Next year in Grade 5, my mother gave me a magic trick kit and a book on magic tricks. I spotted one that read minds using a pendulum to answer “yes” and “no” questions. Certainly a key on a string was more portable than a large iron crowbar!  I brought the book to school and spoke with some friends explaining I was doing magic tricks and would they like to experience it? Several did and they wrote their question on piece of paper, put it into an envelope and seal it and write their name on the outside of the envelope.  I dowsed four and came up with four correct answers. Three or four more tried. Again, I couldn’t be faulted. By then there were about 20 people watching. The teacher interrupted it saying it was time for class so we had to stop.

Not too long after, the custodian of the school, Uncle Ira, took L-shaped rods and went looking for a sewer leak outside the school. I watched how an assistant marked the pavement with chalk as he dowsed. They dug and found the leak!  Mum said he was talented at dowsing and not to ask questions. Oh well.  Junior High School saw some activity around water witching for me, and it wasn’t until Grade 10 when my new Biology teacher came to live in the town with his British wife. Joan was adept at the Ouija board, one fashioned differently than the commercial game. She found out I could dowse, so we started to have weekly sessions asking her guide questions and solving issues, dream interpretation etc. we also did tasseography (reading tea leaves).  I still have some of the old dream diaries from then.

I got really good at dowsing and asking questions. At one point we turned our “powers” at healing others for free and doing readings for people looking for help. Sometimes we did group readings spread over a few hours. I also joined the Rosicrucians when I was 15 and learned some principles from them.  Joan and Ron had moved to a small village and we found ruins that went back to the 1500’s. There was a well involved on top of a hill than never ran dry and tests revealed the water was pure, like distilled.  The result was a book written called “Castle in Nova Scotia”. We used a lot of dowsing and questioning.

John Nauss’s modified Tansley radionics instrument

► When did you learn about radionics specifically?

Cue to 1980 when I met a naturopath who was the former partner of Dr. Browett in Oakridges Ontario.  During an afternoon I did some training with her on the stick pad, a fast way of dowsing, and I immediately responded positively. I started using diagrams and witnesses etc. to learn. I was enrolled at the ND College and doing pre-medicine classes at Waterloo University.  I had become very ill in the late 1970s and was told I would be dead by 1985 from emphysema.  In an epiphany I felt I was here to serve and do more rather than get ill and die at an early ago.  I started doing diagnostics, and by 1982 I qualified as a Touch For Health Instructor (Applied Kinesiology) and Iridology, with homeopathic and herbal courses on the side.

► You then had an association with David Tansley. Can you tell us about that?

It was then I read some books by David Tansley and started correspondence with him, sporadically as it was. That’s how it started. I did a lot of research and study with a biodynamic farmer friend. I went to the UK and took classes from David Tansley in 1986. Before that I bought a homeopathic replicator from Malcolm Rae and a device from David Tansley.  That was the beginning. I helped facilitate the 1987 classes with him, then the next year he passed away. I’ve been teaching and sharing since 1989. This includes balancing the land and working with ley lines etc. Anything I put my hand to I understood and had an instant rapport

David Tansley wrote a book, “Radionics, Science or Magic”, which shifted the paradigm in radionics, like a lot of other paradigms were being expanded into.  He addressed the idiosyncrasies of the field and found it wanting. Emphasis was always on the devices and the subject was treated in a linear fashion.  His book goes to the heart of all healing, really, but aimed at Radionics and set out a platform or foundation of how it all works.  The book was not met with great favour so he started to disassociate from various organizations that were holding and trying to control and dominate the reins of Radionics at the time. In the US, Radionics was a dirty word so they accepted a more parapsychology approach, power of the mind, like in Eastern Europe. Tansley had taught parapsychology in Australia in the late 1970’s.

Marilyn Ferguson wrote her famous book “Aquarian Conspiracy”, NLP was organised and formulated by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Applied Kinesiology was being further developed and because of Touch For Health, there was a burst of information regards our approaches to energy healing.  It was Barbara Meister Vitale who made popular the Left and Right Brained concepts in her teachings and book “Unicorns are Real” which revolutionised how we teach children.  In Tansley’s book, he uses the concept of Right and Left Brain in concert with esoteric teachings and created an excellent platform from which anyone could work, easily, simply.  The way we were opening to energy work was blossoming on just about every front.

I teach that model and how to effectively integrate energy concepts into Radionics, away from the idiosyncratic tendencies and the dominant limitation of linear thinking.

Roberto Assagioli’s work in psychosynthesis was also being emphasized; he was a secret student of Alice Bailey and modelled his psychological model after her works, whilst people like a Virginia Satir in the US and others introduced Archetypal work. Later on Bert Hellinger’s methods were making their debut in the form of Family Constellation Therapy.  The whole natural health field suddenly launched and expanded over the ‘80s decade.   All kinds of energy systems and treatments were coming to the forefront; it looked like there was an energetic based therapy to fit every challenge.

This was the revolution I experienced all round, but specifically to Radionics. Today there is a device created for almost every nuance demonstrating people’s desires to understand subtle energy. It’s been slow and essentially nothing new has come out since David Tansley passed away in 1988. If anything, Radionics as drifted into bickering linear arguments, missing the point, and not able to expand properly because the concepts are Left Brain operated. With the advent of digitizing, it’s sparked many a vision of how we relate to dis-ease, using computers and being pushed into virtual reality concepts, extensions into the computer model and even inventing and naming a space called the “metaverse”.  This is a linear and digital relationship, an extension of the Left Brain. It deletes, distorts and generalises, matching our perceptions. In time we will invent and claim AI to be superior to us, fulfilling the dreams of industrialists and people that have more money than sense.

The computer is modelled after us, not the other way around, as it’s portrayed today. People’s astral bodies are toned and expanding regards this new digital world because they can interface with something that is invisible to the eye but can be commanded into existence.  A computer is really a fast adding machine and based on linear concepts. The human ego is fascinated with itself and finds its home in the archetypal story of Narcissus, staring into the pool and falling in love with his own image over and over.

Time has come to reassess the models of perception and I’m working in that direction. Everyone thinks computers are the next stage but that’s not fully correct. Computers are extensions of us. We can never create something smarter than ourselves. Instead we are erecting Towers of Babel, of which the biggest one is a current global fantasy which cannot work. Nature is devoid of such things, they only exist in the minds of the dominators of human kind who use computer systems to digitise, control by making money, carrot and stick approaches, tracking and controlling, which is what the human ego likes to aspire to. It’s imbalanced in its approach and can only crumble and fall.  It’s becoming evident we need to change our attitudes and not dominate, because when you do it creates a slave society. A balance must be had. In economics, for example, food, clothing and shelter, all the things we need energy for, need to be thought of differently as necessities, not as they are now which are commodities to be bought and sold. It deletes, distorts and generalises. There’s always a win/lose scenario in the end and most people are miserable and worse, they just don’t know it. Same with radionics. It’s too dominated by linear thinking rather than balance.

► What role do you think that intuition, intention and consciousness play in radionics?

The vital essence is that Radionics is a process we use on our journey through life. Healing happens because we raise our consciousness. A radionics practitioner needs to help others vibrationally by raising their consciousness as to their health and life force.

Healing is a Right Brained phenomenon. By aligning our intuitive self with the intention of receiving more light we can better clarify our intentions as we live our lives. This is nothing new.  Radionics is a process by which we bring unity from the Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, Source.  We always could align ourselves as such but it was once done via organized religions. More than ever, people are becoming seekers of truth, the radionics’ process of alignment to higher vibration does this.  We heal when we realise, see with our “real-eyes”.

We are constantly rending the veils of superstition, coming out of Plato’s cave where we previously related to flickering shadows on the wall and sharing our perceptions about it with others.  It’s a natural passage to come out of the cave and visit an expansive and light filled world, especially when we are co-creators of the experience.

Alignment of intuition, intention and consciousness is about that contemplation, learning the context of a device and how we work with it. Currently, people want devices to take over their responsibility of raising consciousness and devices relegated to healing headaches, constipation, and the myriad of diseases we have been conditioned to accept as real. That too must go, and it does when Radionics comes into play. It’s reorganizing or helping nature at its most fundamental level: Energy.

► Given what you’ve said about consciousness, intention etc, what are your thoughts about the influence of thoughtforms on radionics? Do you think that angelic beings, entities and such like have any positive influence?

I just noticed a recent publication on Radionics and Dark Forces. This is an area which has been bandied around for years and there are practitioners addressing this. I’m not so sure it’s useful because it deals with entanglements. I consider that to be the muck at the bottom of the pond. There we live on “borrowed” light; a Horizontal model.  Instead, I teach a method and that helps us stay centred. Anyone who has used it has always benefited and expanded their work in a positive way.

Like all healing modalities, radionics taps into the self-healing of the individual. My analogy is that of a pond, I have shared often, where the muck at the bottom is likened unto this world of being entangled with roots, debris, muck, etc., and trying to find the energy to slither around. When we want energy we go horizontal and stay within the entanglement. But when we allow ourselves to move upwards and out into the stream, it frees us of the entanglements. Soon the entanglements are felt in the water but not as strongly, then when we pop up out of the water and see the air, and then the land and move out of the water to stand on the land, we are in a meditative stance between where the water and land meet. Meditation takes us there.

I’m known in the field to help others to have the courage and vision to become effective. I use the triangle of Creation and it allows true healing energy to enter from Source. The use of thought forms, orbs etc., are very much a Left Brained approach.

We have come to a level of where we need more elevated consciousness, and Radionics practitioners are light bearers. I always help people connect, then they are set free. There is an element of healing for everyone in the absence of instruments, but even more with them and the protocols developed. I use a general protocol but develop others during the session that are pertinent to them.   I do teach shadow work, but using the Vertical, and whole brained approach. Protection is achieved through alignment from the heart chakra to Source.  It’s amazing because when I teach it, invariably someone in the group immediately gets it.

► So radionics isn’t just a physical, material practice, twiddling knobs. Can you tell us a little about symbols and archetypes?

Radionics has evolved from the days when Albert Abrams and George Starr White were using vagal reflexes to understand healing, how they decided it’s about light and polarities, molecules etc., to where we use those Rates as symbols. Radionics is very much archetypal in nature; it deals with the creative geometries, functional or not, and how to shift those into a higher vibration.  Abrams measured in ohms resistance to garner a numerical value of, say, a disease or process, substance etc.  Radionics has evolved those rates and more and considers them to be archetypal. No rate can be so exact because to measure the various wave forms and frequencies and vibrations of an apple is impossible. There are multitudes of intentions that goes into creating an apple, say.   Instead, we can represent it with a numerical rate and relate to it as a focus when doing radionics.  That takes vision of intention and intuition to guide and direct which can best deliver healing.

A rate is a symbol. When we align and contemplate it, which is how a device works fundamentally, the operator adjusts the flow naturally once set up. How many times have we been treating one thing, and all sort of processes shift and are healed elsewhere.  Dis-ease has many levels and sources and relating to it archetypally opens connection to Source, thus inviting more unity and healing beyond clearing the cold, headache or sore arm etc. There are many levels, of  dis-ease from mental, astral and etheric levels. When you pay attention to the fundamental way our dysfunctional patterns show up, we call them diseases and relate to them as things to be cured or treated.   The more we open to the archetype, the more we can learn what to do or how to be in order to remain harmonious with nature around us.

► What about the use of sigils and similar diagrams in the practice of radionics? These things, of course, touch upon the use of magic.

They do touch on magic. We need to be careful to clear up our language and words. How we represent things to ourselves is very important and there are those who are gifted with their workings.  I prefer to work “with” a client or group, and not do something “to” them.  We have come to a time when the material universe is starting to disappear, old methods and products of nature as we know it will no longer have the same powers because we have raised our consciousness and moved on.  That’s why I am intent on having people connect up and work from who they really are and the Source.  Universal life energy is perfect in every way. When I teach shadow work, I have used a simplified model based on Maslow and others. Simply put, once connected, only the best is possible and events in one’s life are better managed. After all, you will be aligned with the power that brings universes into being. I believe the very best in people and that’s how I do my counselling. When you have the perfect image of how a person is and see them as whole and perfect, then you can’t go wrong with a vision and connection like that.

My background is in counselling and I have special work where I help people to be reborn, including assisting others to pass over.  I have had several NDE’s that give me an advantage to help others receive, harmonize and be okay with the unseen.  That includes shadow work.   Every time we have a victory in our life, we raise our consciousness, we are reborn.

► We see that there’s a plethora of instruments on the market having various qualities and features, for example some having a hundred dials or more; some having just two dials like the Hieronymus instruments. And others, such as the Peggotty Board, have no dials. What is your view of the various types of instrument? In your opinion, are there any better than the others, any more suitable for various tasks?

That’s a very well phrased question of which David Tansley addressed and I agree with.  If we just understand the nature of the Radionics process, which he addressed in “Radionics, Science or Magic”. He was of the opinion that it is the “magical” link and didn’t define it as earth magic, or use sigils that have made their way into the field. He considered it a mental science but not the same way as say, Psychotronics which uses the power of the mind modified through instruments and their work. His definition was more holistic: “Volition Is the power of the mind to originate motion, and it is the role of the radionic practitioner to set the healing Forces of the mind in motion through his work…” Radionic procedures are pure ritual and they involve symbols in the form of rates, or geometric patterns.  We should try to learn how these things work, and not be content to sit back and twiddle knobs and let it end there. The process needs to have a working definition of the mind and how it operates, which Tansley covers in “Radionics, Science or Magic”. (It includes the Dimensions I and II model, which I have used extensively.)

As for instruments, I think there’s room for everyone and every type. That said, often instruments are constructed to meet a need or intention. I know some practitioners who have several kinds, and experimenters who extoll the virtues of everything from electricity, lasers, crystals, computers etc. At the end of the day it’s important that you understand, or accept to understand, that the procedures in Radionics are simple. One principle we have in all healing methods is our body is programmed to be well, healthy, centred and unified. There are people working with Radesthesia diagrams and others with computers. (A computer is modelled after how our brain works, not the other way around.) I plan to cover more of this in a future class.  It’s the process, and it’s easy as breathing.

► You’ve briefly mentioned Albert Abrams, and David Tansley. Can you talk more about the evolution of the various paradigms within the field of radionics? – its evolutionary cycle, and where we are headed, or should be heading?

As far as I can tell, not much has been added to Radionics since the death of Tansley. We’ve deepened some things, torn other things apart, added computers, which is a digital version of our Left Brain actions.  I believe every practitioner needs to cultivate a relationship to the Source, the Universe, Soul or Higher Self. It’s not difficult and we have had several decades where we have cleared away the dogmas of religions and spirituality.  Allowing and connecting to “who we really are” is on top of the list for the future.

Quantum science has been around for just over a hundred years and, as Bill Tiller remarked to me once, it provides a way forward with all forms of healing. He has laid down ground work for other Physicists to follow. I am reminded that ALL the scientists who have made headway in the paradigm of physics contemplated the Vedic scriptures. They meditate and visualize and owe their success to contemplation and meditation.  That’s why our definitions of the atom are the same as it is in the Vedas.  Annie Bessant and other Theosophists have shared what atoms really are, fields within fields.

We need more people interested in anatomy and physiology and the principles of biology.  We’ve just come through a pandemic that has opened our eyes to dogmatic and/or forceful applications of Ray I: absolute Will.  Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Mao and the other dictators today are of a Ray 1 temperament. There are a group of well monied people who have assumed they know the way forward but these past two years have shown us it’s not true. We are in the midst of a natural paradigm shift, everyone, everywhere.  Never before has the general population been in contact with living principles of the relationship of who we really are to our personality.

Radionics gives us a platform to work easily and simply. Simple alignment to Dimension II and working from intuition and inner guidance leads the way for us all to heal, and Radionics excels at the goal. In fact it’s the only technique that originally had its start in a quantum way, the working with Universal life energy.

► What, to you, is the most important element in Radionics?

Simplicity in the process. The fact that we can help others raise their vibrations unto healing, become whole or one with their fundamental energy sources.  Radionics can work with both allopathic and non-allopathic approaches because it pays attention to primal creative energy that flows to and through us.  Radionics is, above all, flow of energy from the Source to and through us to the earth. That entails a willingness to wellness, a knowledge that we can and do heal. Radionics is quite all encompassing and yet specific at the same time, operating on many levels at the same time in perfect harmony. There are simple phenomena in our world. Our physics realises we are entangled energy; esoterically it’s been known for ages, but even the best quantum physicists contemplate the Vedic scriptures as I said.  The Source which we are all connected, activated or not, is about connection.  Synchronicity is evidence of the unity process or connection in our time-bound linear world.

► Do you have any final words for the beginners among us?

For beginners, we are all beginners with every person with whom we help with radionics. It starts small like a seed and grows. Bringing harmony to an otherwise disharmonious world is what radionics does. It starts with intention, intuition and allowing energy to flow. Whether it’s a diagram as in radesthesia, or using an analogue or digital device, or you’re engaged in simple mental healing, a beginner needs to start to realise holding a vision that is for the highest good of the client on all levels.  The practitioner is the fair witness and helps others to heal by allowing in energy of new patterns, which are attracted, and the old ones dissolve or fade away in favour of the new, depending on the intention of both individuals in alignment with the Source with which they are working. Learn to be accurate but not stuck in the accuracy. Being balanced and operate with the whole brain, not just the linear Left Brain. Anyone can do radionics and I teach the process so one can use any instrument. That said, not all instruments are the same, some have limitations, but you can still be of benefit.

Thanks very much, John, for sharing your wisdom. You’ve given us much to mull over and consider, and information that can change the way we approach our radionics practice. I look forward to your ongoing classes. Thanks again, and I wish you all the very best.


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