Radionic Remedy Potentiser Part 1

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Radionic Remedy Potentiser Part 1

The idea of creating vibrational remedies using radionics arose as early as the 1940s, with notables such as George de la Warr, Malcolm Rae, Dr Aubrey Westlake and David Tansley. Rae began developing some of the first homoeopathic remedy simulators in the 1950s.

A homoeopathic remedy is actually the energetic (or informational) essence of a substance that harmonises at the subtle level. Therefore through the power of the mind via intention, and design via a physical pattern that represents the energetic information in the subtle realm, it is possible to create similar (electro- or vibrational) medicines to stimulate the healing processes of the physical body.

For this new development of a radionic remedy maker, we have taken a different approach. The design of this instrument is very exciting. Developed in the tradition of De La Warr, Copen and Hieronymus analogue radionics instruments, it is an advanced non-computerised instrument made with attention to detail and featuring a few modern twists. It combines the intention of the operator with the “aether pump” quality of magnets and the precision of modern electronics.

radionic remedy potentiser
Prototype radionic JTL Remedy Potentiser

Magnets have an inherent flow of energy which no one can truly explain, yet everyone accepts, especially due to the interdependency of magnetism and electricity. Electricity is something of a gross manifestation of magnetism, which manifests at a much more subtle level.

In this current design the energetic information of the substance to be replicated is drawn into the instrument, and then emitted into the potentised remedy, by the magnetic flux. The electronics amplify the process of potentisation and sets the potency (dilution) of the remedy that is being created.

Not only will the instrument be able to duplicate existing homeopathic, Bach flower and similar remedies, but will also make plant and gem essences from their physical presence on the input plate. By using radionic “rates” (Bruce Copen rates in particular, for which this instrument is designed) it is possible to potentise water, alcohol solutions or homeopathic pills with the “vibrational” or energetic signature of the remedy.

The photo above is of the first prototype currently under development. Further ongoing refinements will be made with the aid of a homeopathic doctor.

These instruments will be available for purchase in the future.

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