Radionics and Consciousness

radionics, consciousness
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Radionics and Consciousness

For several years I have been chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra as a daily spiritual practice. It is a powerful mantra (sound vibration) to the powerful deity Shiva for healing, overcoming the fear of death, and for spiritual enlightenment.

Recently I’ve been radionically broadcasting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to myself, using the Base 336 rate from Yvon Combe (7119) and using my hair and signature as witness. The results have been eye opening, which I will discuss here and put it into some sort of spiritual context (since I’m that sort of person).

I began this Mahamrityunjaya radionic “treatment” with the intention to deepen my connection to the mantra and to gain further insight during the practice. The use of mantras in radionics goes back to probably the 1940s and 1950s when Dr B Bhattacharya successfully used written mantras and gemstones in radionic treatments which he referred to as Teletherapy. Bhattacharya would often use sound vibration to energize the mantra and gemstones, but I am using the radionic rate.

radionics, consciousness

I will talk here about one of the effects and insight gained from my present experiments, and put it all into context.

What has surprised me is that an apparent side effect of this radionic broadcast is intense lucid dreams. At night I have been aware of dreaming, while seeming as though in the waking state and at the same time knowing that it wasn’t at all real, that it was a trick of consciousness. This is not what I expected from the radionic “treatment” and I was not sure what to make of it at first.

Yet finally what I have received from this experience, in the deepest sense, is that the world(s) that we inhabit are entirely dreamlike and not essentially real. Actual reality is the Consciousness itself, the consciousness of the dream states and waking states as they flit about within that Consciousness.

radionics and consciousnessThe ancient seers described this understanding with great clarity. The Yoga Vasistha, an ancient book of wisdom from India, discusses the field of Pure Consciousness that is our essential nature, and how the world is just an appearance, not essentially real but made up (one might say) solely of Consciousness. This is how I understand the nature of Reality to be, and it obviously informs my understanding of radionics.

From the Yoga Vasistha:

“A throbbing arose in the Creator whose thought had spread out as the universe. This throb brought into being the subtle body (made of intelligence) of all beings. Made only of thought, all these beings only appeared to be, though they felt that appearance was real. However, this appearance, thus imagined to be real, produced realistic results or consequences…

“The entire universe is forever the same as the consciousness that dwells in every atom, even as an ornament is not different from gold (from which it is made). Just as an ornament potentially exists in gold, the object exists in the subject…

“When the Infinite vibrates, the worlds appear to emerge. When it does not vibrate, the worlds appear to submerge… Vibrating or not vibrating, it is the same everywhere at all times.”
(Quoted from The Concise Yoga Vasistha, section 3, “On Creation”, translated by Swami Venkatesananda.)

radionics, consciousnessVasistha also observes that this apparent reality arises just as waves arise when the surface of the ocean is disturbed. This informs my understanding of how radionics functions. In a sense the tuned radionics instrument creates a subtle alteration (disturbance) in the totality of Consciousness which ripples out like a wave. The target recipient is also an element of consciousness, and thus receives and assimilates the radionic broadcast. Ultimately the recipient is not separate from the sender, both existing as consciousness. (Perhaps another way of seeing it is that the experiencer is not separate from the experience and the object that causes the experience.)

In the case of my experiment with the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, it appears that it has served to increase my awareness of Consciousness (since the nature of Shiva, the one to whom the mantra is chanted, is the personification of Pure Consciousness).

(As a footnote to my use of the term “consciousness,” I feel that I need to explain what I mean. I use the word “consciousness” throughout the article not to designate intelligence or the capacity to think, but instead to refer to that changeless part of ourselves which is aware of our thoughts “inner” and the “outer” universe.)

These are a few thoughts on the interconnection between radionics and consciousness. I hope that these observations have served to expand your understanding of how radionics may function in a non-material, non-quantum way, and perhaps may even be an impetus to explore further into the nature of consciousness. As always, your comments are welcome below.

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  1. Excellently interpreted, Sir!
    I fully agree with you.
    Thank you.
    Om Namah Shivaaya!

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