Automatic Radionics – Some Developments

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Automatic Radionics – Some Developments

Thus far it has been four years of dedicated, ongoing research, from which I have attained some gratifying results that I will share here in brief in its present incarnation.

automatic radionicsI am currently developing an instrument for automatic radionic balancing treatment. The instrument is intended to reference the past information of the subject, prior to the arising of imbalance or illness that he/she might be experiencing.

I originally constructed a remedy maker with an automatic simillimum function, but my ideas have evolved over the years to align to my original vision, that of treating the whole person. Coincidentally the configuration has become progressively simpler, while still subject to further development. I am not sure if my ideas are unique, but I am taking radionics in a different direction to what I have been exposed to up to now. Here I will share some of the concepts and considerations that have led to this instrument (and beyond).

Every event or manifestation is in reference to a prior non-physical informational “pattern,” a kind of “blueprint” to the form which arises, or even whether or not it appears at all. Without information, nothing can exist. Every single thing that arises is originally, and essentially, information. This radionic instrument is an attempt to tune into that essential informational template by filtering out the “noise” which has been superimposed over it (“noise” may be considered as the prevailing condition). “In the canonical form a person does not have diseases. Disease is an external information.” [Grigori Grabovoi]

Past information (pre-condition) is referenced in the present moment. The “Now” is eternally present through all time, past to future. What is experienced as time is merely another spatial dimension, similar to distance. “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once,” as sci fi author Ray Cummings wrote. Assume a kind of divine consciousness, and all can be viewed as one thing. Reality is outside time – or rather, reality gives rise to space and time, the apparent universes. Therefore the operator’s conscious intention is the catalyst and “program” for the instrument to have access to the pre-existing information record of the subject (although this is a temporal and inaccurate understanding).

The instrument incorporates parallel feedback loops that constantly “monitor” and self-correct in response to the condition of the subject. The original or ideal condition is referenced and introduced into a loop. The instrument returns information to the subject radionically via the witness, “reminding” the subject of his or her original condition.

automatic radionicsThe instrument itself, as per my observations in the article It’s About Time is not tuned to “treat” or “heal” a specific issue or dis-ease, but is constantly reminding the subject of his or her original ideal or healthy, condition. I.e. the subject, at a deep and subtle level, constantly balances him/herself in response to the energetic information received via the instrument, which itself is constantly and simultaneously rebalancing in harmony with the returning information of the subject via the witness.

The photos here show the current incarnation – the third prototype thus far. I won’t divulge further or specific details at present, since this project is still in progress.

As always I invite you to join the conversation and comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Automatic Radionics – Some Developments

  1. I used to work for a radionics guy who used to think the body itself knew what it needed to restore balance and all that needed to be done was to present the different frequencies to the body for it to take whatever it needed. Rather like your feedback method.

  2. Hi Geoffrey, how is this project coming along? I recently joined the Radionics FB group and luckily got to browse your posts before they disappeared into the ether!

    1. Hi there, yes I abandoned Farcebook!
      I’ve halted development on this project for now. The results weren’t as anticipated. It appears to improve the strongest of conditions by default, and leave the weakest conditions waiting. I was rather hoping for improvement of weaker conditions. I’ve turned my mind to other things for now. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I always wondered why on the TV show Star Trek they never kept an ideal physical pattern of everyone on their transporters, so if someone was nearly killed on an away mission they could use the original pattern and just “beam them up” to an ideal state. Your project sounds like that.. I actually read (or heard) somewhere Queen Elizabeth of England has a royal team of medical Radionics operators tuning her up on the weekly.

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