Digital Radionics, Chaos and Order

digital radionics
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Digital Radionics, Chaos and Order

I’ve been musing over the function of radionics outside of the restraints of the 3D world, since radionics isn’t confined by our concepts of space and time. What I have been seeking is an all-embracive theory that can explain the various forms of radionics (instruments or symbolic) in light of my understandings of consciousness, the ancient wisdom of Vedanta and contemporary mystics such as Vadim Zeland with his concept of “Space of Variations.”

digital radionicsUntil recently my attention was primarily on traditional, dial-based instruments. Many software-based radionics versions merely mimic conventional analogue instruments, so here I shall consider them loosely as part of the same group. However I confess that I was initially confused as to how the utilization of random number generators in radionics might fit my theory of resonant informational patterns. I recommend that you read more about the development of my ideas here, and here.

I had taken the assumption that patterns are a kind of analogue structure possessing certain qualities, which I admit, even if they are universal qualities, is a fairly limited viewpoint. However if I redefine what pattern is, then it starts making more sense, and digital radionics can be considered as having more than just a poor relationship to traditional radionics.

What I now think is that pattern is essentially an imposition of conscious order on chaos; or even the “drawing-out” (so to speak) of distinct form from the homogenous cosmic formless totality. With this view, pattern is coherent information which exists due to intention and focus of consciousness. With this deliberate attention arises a new order of reality. Pattern is therefore not a shape defined by physical qualities, but instead is ordered information.

The ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta takes the viewpoint that the universe can be imagined as waves that disturb the surface of the cosmic ocean. Those waves are a product of the mind. All things are possible and are manifested by mind. With this understanding, what we consider to be material reality is a condensation of the potential of infinite totality of Pure Consciousness (the ocean) into a local event (the wave) by the movement of the mind (e.g. attention or intention).  In other words, consciousness creates order (pattern) out of chaos (potential or randomness).

In the words of the father of quantum theory, Max Planck: “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Incidentally this is illustrated in a different way in the Genesis creation story in the Bible. Consciousness (God, Elohim) forms order or patterns (e.g. light/darkness) out of chaos (formlessness).

So consciousness causes deviation in, or organises, randomness. Scientifically this has been demonstrated by several experiments over the years that observe the effect on random number generators by such events as the gatherings at Burning Man. In these experiments it has been shown that random data becomes structured when human consciousness becomes coherent. In other words, our consciousness demonstrably alters what most people consider to be reality.

digital radionics, TRNGReturning our attention to radionics, randomness or entropy (meaning lack of order or predictability) may be introduced by methods such as a white noise generator or TRNG (true random number generator). In the case of digital radionics a TRNG may be used, and software can measure the deviation from, or within, the background field of randomness or possibility formed by the operator’s intention. Patterns can then be recognised and appropriate treatments or rates broadcasted accordingly.

This is a brief overview of how I believe that appropriately designed digital radionics has a relationship to my theory of resonant patterns as a basis to understand traditional dial-based radionics. As always, your comments are welcomed below.

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