Isuret Polos Talks Radionics and Reality

AetherOne open source digital radionics
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Isuret Polos Talks Radionics and Reality

I am grateful to be able to interview Isuret Polos, creator and developer of AetherOne, an open source digital radionics platform. Isuret kindly shares with us his deep insights, from radionics in general to the AetherOne project in particular, in both theory and practice. Among the many topics, one I am especially pleased that he discusses is the nature of reality, a subject dear to my heart, and also because it ought to inform our understanding and practice of radionics. 

During the interview, below, I made notes and comments to Isuret which I have included in purple quotes. ►

open source digital radionics aetherone

► What was your introduction to radionics?

In the year 2000 I visited the International Homeopathy Congress for Chronic Illness (“InternationalerHomöopathiekongreßfürchronischeKrankheiten”), where I met the great teachers of homeopathy, George Vithoulkas, Walter Köster, Jürgen Becker and many more. There was also an exposition of radionics devices. I found them very interesting. They looked like old school radio devices. An older lady approached me and asked if I would like to learn more. But I suspected that these devices were a kind of “scam”, because I knew that a few numbers set by the knobs and a light simulating a process would never be able to create a remedy, let alone make an accurate analysis. My scepticism prevented me from investigating further into the matter, till the year 2015.

In the year 2015 I read an article about homeopathic remedy creation with radionics on Interhomeopathy. My scepticism flared up again (stupid I know), but this time I dug deeper into it. Because I tried to prove that it is impossible for radionics to work, I build a small digital radionics device with the Arduino and programmed a software to encode an image into a series of light impulses. My master plan was to open source the device and create a lot of trouble for many people out there who earned their money with radionics. You get the irony? Somehow I invested a lot of energy and time to disprove something I thought it could never work, but then I discovered a whole new world for me. The remedy I made with my device worked too well. I made a radionic LSD copy (impregnating globules with the light series) and took a dose before going to bed. The effect it produced was almost like the effect you get when you use a “dream-machine” or mask with flashing LED lights. Fractal patterns and beautiful colours escorted me into one lucid dream after another.

The next day I needed to reconsider my world view. Why does radionics work? This was the trigger for me to investigate radionics. I read a lot of books and built several devices with the Arduino as the base. Further experiments confirmed that radionics works also nonlocally, or on remote targets, even without their knowledge. I once made an analysis for one of my cousins and accidentally switched on the broadcast. Normally I don’t do this without the permission of the person. But it worked. She told me after a few months that she had wanted to ask me for help for a specific health problem, but she suddenly got better and therefore she did not contact me for several months. She even told me that she noticed a great improvement in her health, but she could not understand why she felt better.

With a friend I made some experiments with dream content manipulation. We wondered if it is possible to transmit information during the dream. It is interesting that the subconsciousness understands only a symbolic language and concrete language does not work at all. Numbers cannot be transmitted, at least not complex ones. But a number like 4 which represents stability, or 7 that is representative for perfection, can be transmitted and they appear in a symbolic way during the dream.

“…experiments with dream content…” Recently I began experimenting with radionics to improve the results of my spiritual practice and realisation of the underlying reality of consciousness. It had immediate and interesting results, which I wrote a blog post about. I need to continue these experiments.


► How do you see the history of digital radionics?

Somehow radionics devices underwent a process of dematerialization.  First they needed a human witness, then a blood or hair sample, later only a photo, then even only the name. More and more people realized the real role of the operator’s mind and intention. With that, the design of the devices mutated into something more similar to a computer rather than a radio device. But there was (and still is) always a kind of resistance against change. I believe that this resistance has a lot to do with trust. In some countries people were ready to accept a computer as an aid in the analysis, as it was the case in Austria and Germany. The TRNG (True Random Number Generator) became an important element after the PEAR laboratory from the Princeton University published their astonishing results on human mind influence on chaotic processes, like electronic random number generators. I believe that the 1980s was an important point in time for digital radionics.

“…a process of dematerialization.” Thank you for that observation. This was something that hadn’t completely “gelled” in my mind, but is extremely relevant to our understanding of radionics.


► What are the essential differences that you see between traditional radionics boxes and digital radionics?

The independence from electricity is the biggest difference. A blackout would shut off all digital radionics devices, but a traditional device could continue to help an operator to analyze, broadcast or make remedies. Another big difference is that the digital device can help you to automate a lot of tasks which are not really part of the radionic process. For example you need to protocol what you do, what you analyze and broadcast. I find the protocol function very useful, because it helps to recognize patterns. A software can be upgraded via internet, but a traditional device will maybe never change during the lifetime of its operator. Last but not least one of the bigger differences is the material. In digital radionics you don’t rely on special materials, but in traditional radionics the material plays a bigger symbolic role. If you use precious stones or metals, you can touch them and smell, the look is pleasant, the device can also become a piece of art. I don’t consider it a contradiction if someone uses both. On the contrary I recommend to try both, digital and traditional radionics, and see for oneself which one feels better.

In my case I’m not able to use the pendulum. It just doesn’t move. I tried different techniques, even radionics for enabling my subconscious to use the pendulum. But it does not work at all. The digital radionics analysis on the other hand works perfectly for me. It is a personal thing I believe. And it is good that both versions exist.

For a teacher, digital radionics could come very handy because it is easy to install software and use it with just one Rasperry Pi, for example. I saw a series of radionics teaching DVDs where one teacher had a huge problem in acquiring enough traditional devices. This problem does not exist with digital radionics.

“…digital and traditional radionics…” As a technician I have always been attracted to the aesthetics of the tradition dial-based instruments. Although not necessary or possibly practical, I wonder about a possible integration between AetherOne and a manual instrument. As an example, the Copen Mk12 could be integrated as an input and output for the software developed for the MARS III device.

AetherOne open source digital radionics

► When and how did you start to develop AetherOne radionics?

I build a prototype in 2015 and several different versions during 2016. But in 2017 I got the idea for a open source version that should be easier to reproduce for laymen. So in early 2018 I programmed the first version of the AetherOne with the Arduino. But at the same time I designed another version for the Raspberry Pi, which is still not ready to publish, because it is a lot more complex to install and build. I prefer the Raspberry Pi version a lot more than the Arduino, because it is able to produce TRNGs very fast and therefore analysis is more accurate.

My approach in developing or designing a radionics device is to first find out what hardware I need to produce TRNG and to broadcast with the help of signals (LEDs, coils, laser, sound, and so on). I used the Arduino already from previous projects for life force measuring. It is a perfect little micro-controller which just obeys your commands. I tested if the analogue input was sensitive enough to produce TRNGs. By measuring the input voltage I saw that it varied hundreds of times during a second. Now one way to produce a real random number is to register a 1 if the voltage of the previous measurement was higher than the current and a 0 if it was lower. Then combining 16 bits to a big number you get a seed for the random number generator. This random process is sensitive to the operators mind. In order to test it, I programmed first a simple analysis function and made a series of experiments in order to see if it is accurate enough. Indeed this approach revealed it simple and effective.

Later I added more and more functions and features according to my needs. This technique is called in the industry “dogfooding” (Eating your own dog food). The term originated from a dog food manufacturer who wondered why his dogs didn’t like the food he produced. Therefore he tried the dog food himself and changed the formula until he liked it. In other words: I use my own software and hardware and therefore I’m motivated to improve it without external stimuli. But I admit the AetherOne community delivered a lot of interesting ideas for new features and improvements.


► What are your current thoughts, theories and development of AetherOne?

I would love to see finally a small unit in form of a standalone digital radionics device, which is able to replace a computer. This may be possible with the new Raspberry Pi 4, a low cost mini-computer. You only need the software which will be free. And the software should have an automatic update function. I have already seen people using the Raspberry Pi as an alternative computer, good enough to read emails and watch youtube. Imagine that you could use the AetherOne software inside this little device. Especially for people who live in countries where they could never afford a digital radionics device of thousands of dollars, they just buy a Raspberry Pi for 30 dollars, a keyboard and a mouse for 10 dollars and a used monitor for 20 dollars, install the AetherOne and they have their own radionics device.

While using radionics for different purposes I think constantly about the underlying framework of why radionics works. It must be consciousness that is the basis of physical reality, because otherwise it would really make no sense. How else does remote analysis and broadcasting work? This shapes my belief system. I see that there must be a greater consciousness who originated the universe and every other living being. We are able to shape our reality to a certain point and this should also enhance our sense for our individual responsibility. We cannot have any thoughts without also considering their effect. What would happen if enough people reach a critical mass in their belief system? Would this shake the current materialistic system at his roots? I have this kind of thoughts lately and I notice that the world is indeed going to end. Not the planet earth, but the system in which we live, the way of thinking will change radically. And this will have an effect bigger than a global earthquake. Maybe radionics will one day become part of the normal school teaching program. But then teachers will also show the students how big our own responsibility is. Misusing radionics for magic or other manipulative techniques brings this great art into a very bad light and I understand why some people keep a secure distance from it. But this means that materialism has again another victory. And I regard magic as an integral part of materialism. People who promote it defile radionics.

I would love to use the AetherOne for cleaning the earth on the energetic level. For example I’m really attracted to techniques for reversing desertification. Therefore the next level in the AetherOne development is the implementation of agriculture functions, a map analysis function for identifying stress zones and more features useful for this purpose. Currently I’m searching for people who would help me in this field to collect ideas for features.

“…standalone digital radionics device…” Personally, this is very appealing to me. I dislike being tethered to a computer, even though I use computers much of the time. I don’t have an office as such, and move my computer around to whatever room I feel to work in, whereas I obviously prefer to set up a radionic device in one place and leave it.

“…consciousness that is the basis of physical reality…” This is a topic that is dear to me. My understanding is that consciousness is the one reality, and that everything appears within consciousness as consciousness, just as a wave appears on an ocean and is not different from the ocean. It is our mind (the ego-sense or “I-ness”) that determines that the wave is a separate entity from the ocean since we imagine ourselves as also separate from consciousness (the immaterial spirit, as you put it). I have written, and will continue to write, articles on my blog about the underlying reality of consciousness.

“…cleansing the earth on the energetic level.” I find this very appealing. I am reminded that there are holy men in India who are working with mantras (sacred sounds, syllables and words) for a similar result. In a way I see a connection between the practice of mantras and of radionics, since they are both working with consciousness. Not only that, but Dr Bhattacharya, an Indian radionics pioneer, used written mantras successfully in his treatments, using vibration or rotation to activate them.
Aside from that, I do wonder at what point there is a “tipping point” of collective intention and action, or critical mass, before results become immediately obvious (since all change is essentially quantum in nature). I have wondered that, should enough people become aware of their essential nature as consciousness, would the world cease to exist in the form that we consider (material) “reality”?


► Please describe your understanding of how AetherOne works (with reference to TRNG, hotbits, etc).

The best way to explain it is to consider the so called Zeno’s paradoxes. They reveal that our physical reality is an illusion. For example, a runner who wishes to run the 100-meter needs first to reach the 50-meters, then 25, then 12,5 … and so on. When you think keenly about this thought experiment, you will notice that there seems to be unlimited steps. But in reality, as Max Planck has also recognized, there must be discrete steps, a kind of resolution in the framework we know as reality. To jump from one point to another is not possible inside the physical realm. Indeed movement is impossible inside the physical realm. It can only be performed on a pre-physical level – exactly also where radionics works, or homeopathy, telepathy and other phenomena.

If we regard consciousness (the immaterial spirit) as the base of physical reality, then other questions arise. One of the most important questions is: how does consciousness assure the well known stability of the physical level we experience every day? The answer should not surprise us. There seems to be eternity between each step, between each frame of this movie we know as physical reality. So, there is time enough for the collective consciousness to evaluate the position of the atoms and to regard a quantum wave as a particle or not.

The TRNG, which are called hotbits by those who use digital radionics, are generated with the help of a zener diode. Due to electron quantum tunnelling, caused by a high-strength electric field, some electrons jump over a barrier which is impossible to bridge in classical physics. But the electron is able to do this thanks to the fact that our consciousness doesn’t care too much for details on the quantum level (thanks to that fuzziness geckos can walk on vertical glass without having the help of suction knobs under their feet). There … on that level … our mind is able to impress order into the chaotic states.

But the order which can be “in-formed” by our mind, does never violate the energy conservation law. This is interesting, because our brain does exactly the same thing every day. We have a radionics machine inside our skull, between our ears. Some use it, others discard it. I believe that many people already have got the same thought. Ever wondered why the “lie detector” is mentioned in almost all books about radionics and alternative science? Radionics is a kind of lie detector, a technique to use the natural inclination of our body to tell the truth.

I have already written about the aspect that hotbits can be saved onto the harddisk for later use. This is only possible as long as they are not observed. They remain in a fuzzy non-deterministic state where 1 and 0 exist at the same time. They become determined during analysis, at the moment when the operator sees the result. This is the moment when physical reality stabilizes. A very similar effect occurs during broadcasting. But I believe that it is not the device which broadcasts. It is the operator who uses a ritual, a symbolic act, to impress remotely an idea or link to a target. This happens for sure everytime, most times not deliberate. Imagine how the collective consciousness of humanity keeps a system running and tries to keep balance between so many factors, without even being aware of. Maybe even animals and plants partake to this process in order to preserve life and assure a certain stability and balance. The increase of the frequency of earthquakes could be a sign that we fail indeed in balancing the global energies and instead shift towards dissonance.

“…where 1 and 0 exist at the same time.” I always think of “Schrodinger’s Cat” thought experiment, where the cat is blurred into being both alive and dead until it is observed.

“…a ritual, a symbolic act…” For a long time, I have believed that it is the ritual of diagnosis and prescription,and “spiritual” relationship between doctor and patient, that is a large part of the healing process. (I think that all healing is essentially “placebo effect” though allopathic medical treatment may provide necessarily favourable conditions.)
See, for example:
Your observation of radionics being a ritualised symbolic act has improved my understanding. Therefore, in reality, the healer (doctor/radionics operator), his intention, the ritual, and the patient/target are aspects of the one “event” within the field of consciousness. The ritual is essentially a link between operator and target.

AetherOne open source digital radionics

► How do you see a connection between radionics and the mind of the operator?

CAD, which means Computer Aided Design, is never considered as a computer which makes the design, but it just helps humans to design. Similarly radionics is just an aid in the formulating of an intention and holding up the focus long enough to take an effect. It is just a tool, but the operator is the main ingredient. Or let’s say that radionics is a structure, which is inactive if let alone. The operator could leave the room with a radionics box in broadcast mode, but somewhere in his subconsciousness his mind is still connected to the entire ritualistic context, to which the radionics box takes part. This is important to know in designing radionics devices, traditional or digital, because you want to help the operator to focus his energies as effectively as possible. Like a musical instrument it should help the musician to reach his goal, to move the heart of his audience. You can sing with or without a microphone. But a voice can reach millions with the help of technology.

An interesting phenomenon is that a new device requires several days until it begins to work effectively. Sometime I did even begin to doubt that a new version of the AetherOne works, because the new design or software seemed to lack real results in analysis. I continued to use it and then suddenly after 2 or 3 days it began to work better than expected. Even the simulated stick pad, which was intended as a teaching tool, produced unexpected accurate results after a few days. There seems to be a link between the radionics device (or software) and operator which requires time for it to grow. It all feels very biological.

“…which requires time for it to grow.” I have noticed a similar effect with using the I Ching. I began using the I Ching in 1997, and although there are lengthy periods when I don’t consult it, I have found that the results I get now are less ambiguous than they were all those years ago. Imaginatively I have described it that I am becoming attuned to the “spirit” of the I Ching.


► What do you think will be the future developments in digital radionics?

In more recent time I believe that the Arduino was a real game changer, because it is so easy to program them. Now a layman can take one and follow some tutorials and learn the basics. And for a simple radionics device you really don’t need more than the basics. Naturally I used some deeper skills for my projects, because I’m a professional engineer. But I can predict with some confidence that in the near future the appearance of new digital radionics projects will explode, thanks to the new hardware and the easy to learn programming languages. Radionics will enter the mainstream.


I wish to thank Isuret Polos for sharing his observations and insights of radionics, and especially the AetherOne project. I trust that having read this interview you have come away with new ideas and fresh understanding that will benefit your radionic practice. Isuret’s website may be found at


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8 thoughts on “Isuret Polos Talks Radionics and Reality

  1. Love this interview
    I’m ready to explore digital Radionics now

    The RaspberryPi interests me most as it seems to have better possibilities for linking witness photo and broadcasting top TRNG hits
    But it needs software to download into it which will run the scans and broadcasts
    Is that correct?

    1. Hello Berkeley,

      sure, the Raspberry Pi is delivered as a small unit which still requires a SD-card with an operating system (Raspbian/Linux) installed.

      Then it requires a script to enable the TRNG and a software which will be available on the Github project:

      The technical aspects will be explained in the Github project’s documentation.

  2. One of the best I have ever read on Radionics. I practice Homoeopathy and Vibrionics and use
    the conventional Radionicss machines/instruments designed and built by me. Although I am a professional Electronics Engineer I am yet to build a computer based Radionics instrument! Naturally AetherOne interests me a lot.

    Lots of thanks to dear Isuret Polos for sharing valuable information on Radionics so beautifully. God bless!

  3. This is a very intriguing post for me for a couple of reasons. First, I have so far been unable to use L rods. They do not move in my hands. I can use pendulums just fine. I have tried similar ways to get the rods to work with no luck (so far).
    I use analog Hieronymous style instruments built by Kelly Research Tech and I find them very easy to use and very accurate. I like the results I get. I came across an original SE-5 that I got bascally for free. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first because it has a computer in it and it feels different from my other instruments. I eventually warmed up to it. I find it better for analysis that broadcast. It seems not to be overly powerful, but this is probably not a big deal. I just need to get to know it better. I was going to sell it but I have decided to keep it. I think it made its way to me for a reason.
    I am not sure how it works exactly, but I did have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Alan Back who invented the Biophoton analyzer. He knew Bill Lawson, who invented the SE-5. Both the SE-5 and the Biophoton Analyzer use similar technology. Thr Biophoton Analyzer does analysis on its own with software and balances on its own. I find it fascinating that it does this but don’t fully understand how it works. I know these are not the same as the digital random number generator devices but being that they use computers and digital technology they seem similar to me. While I prefer the traditional analog instruments, and probably will never get my own TRNG device, I would like to see one sometime and learn more about them.
    Don Paris has a new online balancing service where you send in a digital witness and servers hooked to SE5-1000s will balance your issues. I am leery of putting my witness on the web hooked to radionic instruments. Too many possible dangers. I don’t know if these TRNG devices are on computers online, but that would be scary for me. As long as they were not hooked to the internet that would be different. I hope I don’t sound like a Luddite to you digital radionic aficionados. I agree that there are advantages and disadvanteges to analog and digital instruments. I also believe that you should use what you are comfortable with if you are getting good results.
    I appreciate the opportunity for this discussion here. I like what I see here on this site.

    1. Hello Wolfdog7,

      radionic devices are just instruments, a prolongation of our mind, as dowsing devices are. Digital radionics use computers or microcontrollers and it may be surprise someone to hear that computers are crystal based technology, using monocrystalline silicon for the logic, resonance and even for the hotbits (TRNG). So, the fact that crystals was used for so long time in “alternative therapies” should make us understand that it is just a natural evolving of the technique. You may have read something about Marcel Vogel, a research scientist who worked for IBM? He began with “hard science” and at the end of his career he researched the healing power of crystals. All things are connected.

      Now regarding your “fears”, the AetherOne is based on a Arduino microcontroller connected directly via USB to your own computer, and the Raspberry Pi version (AetherOnePi) can be connected to your television set. These are not online services with obscure functionality. You can build them easily yourself and they are under your own control.

      Also I have encountered these “fears” a lot inside the radionics and dowsing communities. When I read “too many possible dangers” then most probably there are two possibilities: first you are right! We live in a world which is egoism driven. The internet is a dangerous place. There is no doubt.

      And the second possibility is that most people in these communities have a “grounding problem”, which is not surprising at all. When you work with these kind of energies, your entire chakra system gets easily out of balance. There is a energy shift towards the crown chakra, even if you use the best radionics devices. Most people forget to use radionics for themselves after a session. It is good practice to rebalance your own system, especially the root chakra. A strong connection to the earth is also achieved by making sport, walk, do physical stuff, clean the house, or just help other people in a very practical way. The fears derives most often from a weak root chakra. Also a weak root chakra “attracts” danger. But don’t worry too much. If you have fears, don’t ignore them. Ask questions, ask them openly as you did with your comment.

  4. Ok, so I understand the analog devices. But I a not sure about the TRNG. Does the conciousness of the operator shift the random numbers into a relevant pattern that “matches” the witness/subject/intent? Am I close in my thinking here?
    If not how does it work. I would like to know. I have read your post above a couple of times, but I a not getting it.

    I have indeed heard of Marcel Vogel. Interesting intelligent guy.

    I agree completely about the importance of being grounded. I did not know about the crown and root chakra energy moving like that in association with this type of work. So I conducted an experiment to see. Not because I didn’t believe you, but because I like to test and analyze things for myself. That way I know and understand and take responsibility for my education. I’m a bit of a Gnostic. I indeed found just what you said with my chakras. I Like learning, thank you.
    I must admit to being lax about balancing myself completly after a session. Not anymore.

  5. Lately I thought about making a video with some computer animations that can help to understand how the mind is able to alter the result of TRNG produced numbers. Essentially this video would also explain how Dean Radin’s experiments works. Now I need only to decide on which level the video should explain it, for total beginners in quantum mechanics and metaphysics and idealism?! Or should I explain stuff more for scientists? Maybe I make 2 videos and people can then decide which one is better for them. Well let’s see if I get a good idea out of the blue.

    1. Hi Isuret. I’m glad that you’re well and still developing the software. I don’t know how to target the video either, since I am somewhere between a beginner and a scientist! Good luck with what ever you decide. Don’t forget to come here and post the link once you’ve made it. All the best. 🙂

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