It’s About Time

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It’s About Time

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”
(Douglas Adams)

The Time Machine from the 1960 movie based on the novel by H.G. Wells
The Time Machine from the 1960 movie based on the novel by H.G. Wells

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in time travel. Whether possible or not, at the very least the topic has the making of great fiction (beginning with the genre’s grandfather, H.G. Wells) and a handful of reasonable to terrible movies. And let’s not forget the occasional episode of Star Trek!

Stories, to a greater or lesser degree, are Myths. Mankind has always had Myths (with capital M) to define our place in the cosmos. In this modern era we are informed by the Myths taken from science, a philosophy which has the danger if taking itself too seriously and degrading into dogmatic scientism. Textbooks are filled with theories and facts that we are told describe the real world and the real person in it. This science is the foundation of many of our modern stories, and these stories – Myths – enable us to navigate the modern world.

Myths in their true form, however, are intended to stretch the boundaries of perception, forcing us to cross the threshold into a more real world, the world of the soul and magic and gods. I propose that the prospect of time travel is one of these Myths.

At the level of the soul and mind we are not inhibited by time. Even the computations of quantum physics (which is essentially a remnant of a reductionist world view) indicate that time can flow in two directions. We imagine experiencing time flowing from the present to the future, despite existing in the eternal Now. But according to both our imagination and quantum physics, time also flows towards the past. Further to this, I feel that the present is probably influenced by the future.

The time machine box from 'Primer', one of the most perfect - and confusing - movies about time travel
The time machine box from ‘Primer’, one of the most perfect – and confusing – movies about time travel

Before leaving the subject of time travel in literature, I will mention a book that continues to greatly inspire me and inform my understanding of reality, the Yoga Vasistha. It is a massive work on the nondual wisdom (Advaita Vedanta) originating in ancient India, a book totaling about 29,000 verses. (The text refers to itself as comprising 32,000 verses, nevertheless despite the lost verses it is four times the size of Homer’s Iliad.) In it the sage Vasistha describes the nature of consciousness and absolute reality, and how everything perceivable is nothing but movement or appearance in consciousness.

Consciousness is not in any sense bound by time or any other limitation. In fact those things exist only in consciousness. To illustrate this fact, Vasistha relates many fascinating and intricate stories in the Yoga Vasistha that could be read as accounts of time travel. A sci fi author would get a lifetime of inspiration from this profoundly timeless (no pun) book! It is relatively obscure outside India, but there are two English translations (abridged) by Swami Venkatesananda should you wish to follow up this path of self-inquiry into the nature of consciousness.

Today there are some who are exploring scientifically what Vasistha was pointing to. Professor Donald Hoffman said: “Space and time themselves do not exist independent of us… Spacetime is something that you create in this moment.” He concludes that “Consciousness is the fundamental reality. That’s all there is.” This is telling us that in an ultimate sense we can travel through time should we discover how it is done.

But before I digress too far, there is a reason that I mention time travel, and time in particular. Due to movies and other works of fiction, most people imagine time travel in relation to having their body moving in opposition to time. It is quite probable that this cannot happen, since the body exists precisely because of time. Instead I’m going to look at ways of “traveling” through time in some other ways that are more related to the art and practice of radionics.

Epiphany, Finally!

At around 3am this morning (as I write this) I woke up with an epiphany for which I, in many ways, have been waiting years. More than waiting, actually; more like wresting with. I had been seeking an appropriate way to reference time radionically – or perhaps more appropriately, filtering out time’s influence in creating perceived distance from a point of reference.

The original inspiration. "It will work, but it can be improved."
The original inspiration. “It will work, but it can be improved.”

In my previous article I mentioned the possibility of creating an automatic radionics instrument. The inspiration to create such a device came to me as a vivid dream some years ago, a few weeks after my wife passed away in my arms. In the dream I showed her the interior of the instrument that I had recently completed (in my waking state – let’s call it “real life”). She looked intently into the instrument and after a moment of silence looked at me and told me that it would work, but it could be improved. Then she said to me – and this was the “aha!” moment – that the instrument needs to reference the subject’s original, perfect state.

Such a thing, I know, cannot be done mechanically or electronically; it can only be in the realm of consciousness, and it has to transcend our perceived boundary of time. Consciousness, correctly perceived, is outside of time. The appropriately designed instrument, inseparable as it is from our consciousness, is a means to shape or guide that consciousness. I choose to believe that an instrument designed intentionally for a specific purpose cannot fail to fulfill that purpose – at the same level it is conceived and designed – that is, the invisible and indivisible consciousness. Time defines the condition of “this, but not that;” “here, but not there;” “illness, but not health;” etc. For health and wholeness, as in all things, time is one of the dimensions that obscures wholeness.

Automatic Radionics

So the seed was planted those years ago in dream, by my wife on the other side. I have never forgotten that dream and have been working on growing the concept ever since. I originally conceived the device as a remedy maker, but quickly realised that there was no reason it should not be used to balance the subtle informational-energetic condition of a person rather than “merely” producing a remedy to achieve the same thing. Making a remedy appears to be an additional and unnecessary step.

The concept that the instrument references the subject’s original perfection implies the possibility that it may function automatically once “set in motion,” so to speak, by the operator’s consciousness. IF it can serve to reference the subject’s original state (the memory/knowledge of which is in the ever-present NOW which is not in a place in time), with appropriate feedback and self-regulation there is no longer the necessity to use radionic rates to broadcast appropriate treatment. The functioning of the instrument would be self-referencing and self-balancing. As I observed previously, the whole person would then be treated, not just a portion of him or her as defined by the rate.

One of Darrell Butcher's automatic radionic instruments
One of Darrell Butcher’s automatic radionic instruments

The initial design concept came to me rapidly and intuitively – I knew how it would work – but a precise method of bridging or eliminating the time element eluded me until I woke up with the idea last night. In a radionic sense, corresponding with my understanding that electronic devices are energised patterns, I have realised a solution that may work for me. But it occurs to me as I write this (just thinking aloud here…) that even should it work for me, it may not necessarily work for another person. I have focused a lot of meditation, inquiry and effort on this – and yes, patience. Perhaps one who isn’t so invested may not have success even if I do. Radionic cameras, for example, have been known to work only if one particular person is present during the operation or loading or processing the film.

The idea of an automatic radionic instrument is not a new one. In my previous article I mentioned Darrell Butcher who developed several such devices which even today remain mysterious to almost everyone. George de la Warr also was keen on the idea, but as his biographer Langston Day wrote, it isn’t easy:

“(De la Warr’s) ambition was to invent an automatic appliance which would eliminate the personal factor. This would not only overcome the difficulties of inept or poorly trained operators, it would lend itself far better to a scientific investigation of its merits. But as he was to discover, the invention of such an instrument was a very difficult matter indeed.” [Langston Day, “New Worlds Beyond the Atom” 1956]

Eliminating Time

Eliminating time is essentially what defines a miracle – one moment there is a diseased state, and the next moment there is a state of wholeness that didn’t come about through a lengthy healing process, an event that we call miraculous. Time has been removed from the healing equation, or the healing occurs outside of time.

De la Warr radionic camera. The time spiral can be seen in the right compartment, the rates dials on the left
An early de la Warr radionic camera, mentioned below. The time spiral can be seen in the compartment on the right, the rates dials on the left

I am not at all suggesting that an automatic radionics instrument will perform miracles in the sense of instantaneous healing. However I do feel that there is a way that the instrument, through intuitive and deliberate design, might hold and activate (or give form to) the intention to reference the subject’s essentially perfect state. In consciousness that referenced information is available here and now in the field which may be referred to as Akasha, Aether, Space of Variations, etc. This would mean that time is irrelevant, essentially eliminated, since consciousness is not constrained by space and time. A suitable device would hold and and “crystallize” (as I suggested above) consciousness that “knows” the wholeness of the subject.

Perhaps it should be observed that the original perfection is common to everything. The original or primary cause cannot be imperfect, otherwise existence would be a non-event. Just as Joel Goldsmith (a 20th century mystic and healer) would not “see” any imperfection in a person he was healing, I would suggest that our intention when using radionic treatment should be focused on wholeness (or God, whatever you conceptualise the indivisible reality) rather than on the dis-eased part. Wholeness is outside of time, because time and dimension – and ultimately, objectification – create separation.

Radionic Cameras, Looking Back Through Time

The time spiral in the de la Warr radionic camera
The time spiral in the de la Warr radionic camera

Another point of interest for me in this matter of transcending time, with reference again to George de la Warr, is that in the 1950s he developed a radionic camera that could take photos through time – or at least energetic “signatures” of past events. His first such experiment was to take photos of his wedding day 21 years prior which showed two indistinct forms, representing himself and his wife, while his control photos were blank. His camera incorporated a 7-turn “time spiral” that would be tuned to resonate to a different place in time. This required tuning via a knob, similar to the way that the other rates dials were tuned. To this day de la Warr’s use of a time spiral appears to be unique in the history of radionics.

Earlier, in the 1930s, Ruth Drown had developed a radionic camera, a method of photography that she termed “radio-vision.” Her instrument design is rather simple when compared to de la Warr’s camera, and had no specific control of the time element.

Other people have also thought about the possibility of time photography. For example in his book “The Black Box and Other Psychic Generators” W.E. Davis includes his ideas of how to constructing a primitive instrument for “time photography.” I have seen other plans for time cameras, but whether any of these have been developed beyond the planning stage, such as Ruth Drown’s and George de la Warr’s instruments were, I cannot say.

Back to Time Travel

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator shows its radionic heritage
The Hyper Dimensional Resonator shows its radionic heritage. It controls a large electromagnet and coil to warp time

I know of one other attempt at a device to peer back in time. In 1985 (“Back to the Future,” anyone?) a device was developed by Steven Gibbs called the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, or HDR. It originally started out as a radionics device, but it was subsequently modified to attempt to induce astral time travel or remote viewing. Essentially it’s a mini time machine. I have had no experience with such a device, although years ago, around the time I began to realise that there was such a thing as radionics, I did design a kind of “time-resonance” device to tune the operator into a particular time. I never did build it. Today I doubt if that particular concept would have worked, but once again it’s evidence that I am fascinated by the prospect of time travel, or perhaps more accurately, discovering timelessness.

So finally, after several halting attempts in recent years, I am soon to complete what I hope to be a definitive (though probably not final) version of my automatic radionics instrument to bridge the river of time – not for the purpose of time travel so much as to balance a subject’s subtle energies with reference to a pre-dis-eased condition. No promises, but watch this space.

You’re welcome to join the discussion here about the relationship between radionics and time. I would even enjoy to hear of any time travel experiences, or theories of how time travel may be possible! I look forward to reading your comments below.

The Flux Capacitor, which as you should know, makes time travel possible
The Flux Capacitor, which as you should know if you’ve been back to 1985, is what makes time travel possible

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15 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. I’ve always thought this is an interesting video on time. I’ve had the experience he describes – it’s uncanny.

    It seems to me that when a positive or negative impression is made in the mind then it becomes a memory – an unresolved point of identification. It is a polarised, half-state and the opposite pole creates the future. If you can collapse the two poles then the past is experienced as the present. The distances of time and space collapse and everything is experienced as immediate/present/whole right now. I spoke with Demartini and he mentioned his late wife and he spoke as if she was standing right next to us. I’m sure he had collapsed many of the charges that would have made him feel she was distant or gone.

    The difficulty is being able to collapse the poles. The Demartini Method is good but hard work. Regression techniques seem to unpack past experiences and can sometimes give you the feeling of actually being in the past – as if you were actually there – like flashbacks.

    There is a danger in asking for knowledge of the past because it could attract the help of an astral being. They can exploit a small desire and make it large and put us in their debt.

    I think the sattvic method is in the Yoga Sutras:

    3.14 An object unfolds as a succession of past, present, and future characteristics.

    3.15 A change in sequence causes a change in transformations.

    3.16 From samyama on the three transformations comes knowledge of the past and future.

    So this method of samyama relies on pure consciousness to work, not the help of an entity or psychological rummaging.

    I think there is also the method of contemplation which is like when you go into an old house look at the walls and determine the house’s past. Same with a detective in a crime scene. Some people ruminate on the clues and can peer back in time which may appear rational but is actually very intuitive. Rudolf Steiner talks about knowing the past in such fashion – pulling the thread of present clues to reveal past realities. I find myself doing this when I wonder about people’s past lives.

    3.33 Or through intuition everything can be known.

    In my mind the past exists as charges. Those charges contain the whole story of the charge. Anandamayi Ma touched a blanket and said she felt everything about it including the goat it came from.

    So I imagine that radionics is focusing one’s attention on polarities in order to collapse them. There would be no point in focusing on something that is not polarised – what is there to gain from that which is already balanced? The inclusion of perfection raises the endeavour to a divine level, rather than a mental/mundane or astral level.

    Make any sense?

    1. Great observations, thanks! So the crucial question is: What is reality? It appears to be whatever we create, and its not material.

      There seems to be a consensus reality, which requires the least effort to imagine, and which everyone ascribes to. Then there is an infinite variety of “realities” that take a variety and greater or lesser degrees of effort to realise, and which are privy only to those who have put in some effort. Buddhism is right when it says that everything is Mind.

      With regards to the radionic method I am developing: The assumption is that the necessary information is always “accessible” if the past and present (and future) are collapsed in some way, and my intention is that the process of intention itself does the work. If everything is already here and knowable, then I only need to be a catalyst. Surely I don’t need to know it. I’m essentially out of the loop, so to speak. Radionics gives form to the intention, then the operator’s mind is freed from involvement. At least, this is my understanding.

      In this sense I don’t need to know the details of what needs to be known, because it already is. It’s just up to me to recognise that. It doesn’t matter if something is historical reality; it is the higher principle being called upon.

      Or something! 🙂

      1. When people try to push their belief of a material reality on me I ask: has tomorrow been created yet? Where is it? What about yesterday – where is it now?

        I’ve heard various artists say that the secret to great art is to get yourself out of the way. I imagine that radionics is kind of a manifest version of pratyahara – ie withdrawing the meddling mind and senses and leaving the target alone.

        I met one faith healer who said the faster he releases a request for healing the better the healing. Releasing the problem to the universe!

    1. “It’s the mind that superimposes its own limitations on reality.” (Rupert Spira)


  2. There was a man named Wilbur ( I have also seen it as Wilbert) Smith, a canadian scientist in the 1950s, who claimed to be working for the Canadian government/military and with their American counterparts under the instruction of what he called our “star brothers” I think. There is a lot of information in his writings, too much to describe here, including information about space and time. He said that the extraterrestrials told them that space and time are kind of backwards from how relativity and modern science think. Our science says that time flows at a constant rate and space is fixed. The E.T.s said that time is a field, it does not flow, and it is mutable while space is fixed. Apparantly if you look at it this way, the frightening math of general and special relativity becomes very easy. They also said that clocks do not measure time, they measure entropy since time does not move or flow. It is kind of like driving through Montana. Montana appears to be passing you by, but in reality, Montana is still and you are moving.
    Here is a link. It is pretty deep and talks about the 12 dimensions of the world and how they came about and relate. There is a lot there.
    I don’t know if this will help you or not but it is a fascinating look at time. After thinking about it and looking at my experience in radionics, I think it is more or less accurate and true.

    1. Thanks for drawing our attention to that book. Having just now started reading through the first couple of chapters, I enjoyed Smith’s exploration of relationship between Awareness, Reality and the “Nothing-At-All” in which they arise. I’ll continue reading. 🙂

  3. As always I enjoy a lot reading your posts.

    The most important facts: “Consciousness is not in any sense bound by time or any other limitation. In fact those things exist only in consciousness.”

    God our creator cannot be contained by his own creation, space and time are indeed limitations. Eternity is the real thing. Space seems to be an abstraction of time, because you need time to move through space. Everything in physics can be reduced to one single element time.

    Observing the healing effects in homeopathy some homeopaths has discovered that somehow the memory of the past is cancelled, the memory of the illness or trauma. Their patients forget that they was ill. Rupert Sheldrake wrote that morphic fields from the past resonates with us in the present. Repetition seems to be the key factor, a frequency in time. Space has no real value in the pre-physical realm. Cancelling this “frequency” allows us to enjoy more the present and not get stuck with the past. We are being made for the present, with a mind for the eternity. We love art because it represents eternal principles. And we love we notice that time flows differently, as if the moment becomes timeless.

    In TCM, especially Zhan Zhuang standing meditation practice, the practitioner tries to reach the “wu” state, a deep meditative state where time passes so fast, that an hour seems like seconds. During this state the body not only is able to heal past traumas, but it becomes really strong. Indeed the force acquired with this practices is the secret in martial arts and healing arts with qi.

    Healing means also to become conscious. The symptoms from an illness tries to make us conscious or aware of the unconscious element. It could be, that when humanity “awakes”, the unconscious becomes smaller than the conscious, till to the point where no unconsciousness exists.

    1. Always grateful to read your insights.
      Often I do a small meditation in which I say, “At this moment the past does not exist.” There is definitely a centering in consciousness when this happens.
      Another thing that is becoming more clear to me (this is not easy to express, and I can only say it incompletely) is that both consciousness and the object (i.e. dimensions in space) are themselves arising as one “event” in which time is compressed to a point. It could therefore be said, in other words, that The Creator is the substratum on which space, time and consciousness are superimposed. I have no independent existence. Ultimately there is only the totality of The Creator’s consciousness; no unconsciousness exists, as you say.

    2. It is my understanding that the true meaning of karma is when the past influences or controls the now or present. Breaking free of karma means that the past no longer controls the now and one is freed from that constraint, able to live fullly in the now. I thought about that while reading what you said about homeopathy and Rupert Sheldrake.
      There are radionics practitioners that broadcast to the past and therefore change the present, usually in a healing context. I know of one instance where after this was done, the doctor who made a diagnosis no longer remembered doing so and the lab results changed from positive to inconclusive. Only the radionics operator remembered what had originally happened. Time is very interesting indeed.

      1. I find this information fascinating thanks. Do you have further information on methods (or instruments) by which they broadcast to the past? Is it as simple as writing the intention as a trend, do you know?

        1. I know they used a Hieronymous instrument and it involved an intent statement. The idea was that once the diagnosis was made, the wave form collapsed. The intent was to go back in time so to speak and “un” collapse the waveform, therefore no diagnosis was yet made. The feeling was that an indeterminate situation was easier to deal with than a definite one. (This scenario involved an animal of course). That is all the detail I know, other than said animal was fine in the end.
          I believe that since radionics is not bound by space or time, you don’t need a special device to work back in time. Although if you had such a device it would certainly make it easier. The time spiral is an interesting idea, and I would like to know more about it, but I think it acts as a focus for the intent to work with a specific point in time. I bet if one was clever, experienced, and had a clear mind, you could do without it. Not that you would need to if you had a fuctioning camera. I’m just “thinking” out loud here.
          Do you have any more information about de la Warr’s time spiral?

          1. Thanks for sharing those insights.
            I don’t think I have anything more on the Delawarr camera than the patent, the books by Langston Day, and what Marcel Vogel said about it. I’d need to go back and research what they said specifically concerning the time spiral.
            There’s no doubt that the truly “enlightened” mind is the ultimate radionic instrument. In the present reality the mind includes the objectifiable world. Both mind and machine are necessary for radionics; the instrument serves as an interface – it’s not an “either/or” but a “both/and” arrangement between the two, so to speak.
            If you’ve read of some of my other articles here you see that I’m exploring the concept of a kind of resonant symbolism. In this context the time spiral would spiral out from a “zero point” of pure consciousness, a point of infinity, non-existent space and time. So a subject or situation takes place in the ever-expanding space-time that a point on the spiral would resonate with. On the Delawarr time spiral there is a wiper that contacts a point on the spiral, which tunes it. It obviously changes the harmonic frequency as it moves position along the spiral, so in conjunction with the operator’s intention it would tune into a resonant point corresponding with the timing (or harmonic frequency) of an event.
            That’s my thought on it anyway – so the time spiral does serve a purpose when intended to do so.

  4. With Remote Viewing one is able to perceive events at any place and any time. It was a skill honed by the military for spying on adversaries and is now in the public domain. One can take professional training or learn it via a lively discord channel. Alas it’s only the mind which perceives, not the body, though rare reports of apportation have surfaced.

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