Just What is Radionics Anyway?

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Just What is Radionics Anyway?

Radionics, for those of you who are new here, may be described in brief as “an instrument aided healing modality”. In recent decades, due mainly to the pressure from the American Medical Association and their reductive materialist beatings, it has (re)gained traction as a manifestation tool. In either practice – healing or manifesting – the instrument serves to hold and even to amplify the operator’s intention to manipulate reality through the tuning process when using the radionic instrument.

The Instrument

The instrument is crucial to radionics, otherwise the practice as we know it wouldn’t exist. The instrument invariably has a method of tuning, always relying on intuition, dowsing or some other method to attune the instrument to one’s desire. The method may use dials possessing one or more of several graduations (most commonly 0-10 or 0-100), or pegs placed in rows and columns of holes, patterns inscribed on cards, or simply the alignment of the instrument to north minus 5 degrees.

There are exemptions to this rule, such as the AetherOne open source software project. But it doesn’t matter whether the instrument is a piece of paper bearing a diagram, or a complicated-looking device with seemingly countless dials, they each need to be tuned. A human input is required (even with AetherOne) for the device to achieve anything.

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The Categories

Some people would call the radionics process “scientific”, some may call it an “art”, and fewer still, perhaps, might call it “spiritual”. Let’s take a brief look at these potential categories.

If radionics is to be considered a “science” then it fails in one important aspect: It fails to provide a repeatable result. Yes, the approach may be scientific, but the results differ. That’s not to say that the results don’t produce a desirable outcome, it’s that they are unpredictable. In fact, the scientific approach to radionics was how it got its start in the first place. The earliest radionicists were professors, doctors, military officers, etc., they were thinking people who believed that they were onto some new, undiscovered phenomenon. God bless them, for – I would say slightly misguided though they were – without them the field of radionics would have faltered before it even got started.

Second, we might call this an “art”, for which I’ll allow magic to be here included. This is much closer to the reality of how radionics works. It requires practice, just like a musical instrument does to produce music. David Tansley, one of the few people to redefine radionics, wrote that radionics is much closer to magic than what it is to science (especially in his book “Radionics: Science or Magic”). His esoteric viewpoints were ground-breaking and were not accepted by everyone in the radionics community at the time.

Radionics is not an exact science where you have a machine that does something whether there is an operator or not. It is an instrument like a piano, which requires active participation to create music. After a period of training one may then play music without much thought at all.

Lastly we come to the “spiritual”. There can be little question that radionics works with consciousness. It requires a human input, as observed above, which is consciousness itself in action. A radionics instrument is not a machine! It doesn’t produce anything mechanically ad infinitum without any human interference.

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The Rates

When tuning a radionics instrument we used patterns of numbers called “Rates”. These may at times follow numerology, Kabbalistic or otherwise, but mostly they are numerical patterns found by dowsing while focusing on the desired outcome, or by an alpha-numeric formula or random number generator. Again these patterns of numbers are part of consciousness, tapping into the unconscious part of the mind either during or after the creation of the Rate.

These Rates are “merely” symbols (I say “merely” not because of their ineffectiveness, but because people ascribe special powers to the single, individual Rate which may be inherent in any other dowsed rate for the same condition). They are a symbolic language which represents some aspect of our reality that we seek to affect or influence. When it comes to the body, a Rate (or rather, the intention of using the rate for that purpose) presents a balancing influence to remind the body of its natural God-given condition.

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The Mind

My definition of consciousness – or more to the point, Pure Consciousness, so as to define an indefinite article – is “That” which is prior to thought; it illuminates our thoughts but it isn’t strictly our thoughts. So thoughts are a symptom or an effect of consciousness, depending on our species of course. It is the pure ground of being. So consciousness is the connection with all things – you can think of something or someone, and be instantly with them, unlike any technology that you care to name. By tuning the instrument, you are effectively tuning yourself. The radionics instrument is a symbolic vehicle to the art of healing or wish fulfilment.

If you’re expecting a specific result by adding something to a radionic device, then you may well get one, because you have planted that concept into the “field” of consciousness. If it is expected, then it may well happen, because that is how the universe operates. Expect a crappy universe, and consciousness answers straight back to you about just how crappy this world can be. Expect a joyful world, and very little can shake up the reality that consciousness serves up (within the limitations of “All life is suffering” of the Buddhists, of course). There is no limit to consciousness.

In the Taittiriya Upanishad it is said that “Mind is Brahman [the Absolute]. For from mind all beings are born, by mind they are sustained, being born, and into mind they enter after death.” [Taittiriya Upanishad III:4]

“Plato considered that the Formative Principle expressed itself through reason and logic, and hence was able to bring a certain coherence out of Chaos. The world is shaped by pure reason (nous) which also provides the archetypal patterns for all forms… This may seem to have little to do with healing, but it is only as we measure thought by its infinite capacity for creation that we can understand its use and effect in this field… [T]he mind directs forces in the unseen worlds which immediately affects the body.” [“The Mystery of Healing”, Theosophical Research Centre]

Rogers Hieronymus instrument

The Practice

I would argue that it doesn’t matter whether a radionics instrument is a mere piece of paper or the most powerful RF (radio frequency) transmitter on the planet. Our conscious expectation is what drives it, not the power of transmission or its particular frequency. The fact is that radionics transcends space and time, which frequencies rely upon. A frequency is vibration over time. Radionics is infinite, nothing over time.

Joel Goldsmith, a twentieth century Christian mystic, would heal not by invoking any mechanical process or any deity. He would simply see the person as God would see him or her – whole, complete, healthy. That’s all. And healing would take place. My conjecture is that radionics follows the same principle, but in a slightly more complex form. In our case, an instrument stands between us and God, perhaps even taking the place of God, although I wouldn’t go there. I would say that it represents God, a vicarious device, which is provided in full by God if we also do our bit, which is to see the target person as being whole and healed. With this view, the instrument is less of a crutch and more of a bicycle. Both help us to get around, but the latter does it with greater efficiency.

Dr Bruce Lipton taught us that the same type of cell will manifest as bone, muscle or skin, for example, according to their physical and energetic environment, that the environment of the cell also includes thought and consciousness. He has said: “The brain is the chemist, that’s the one that determines the chemistry… So the brain looks at the picture, translates it into numbers, chemistry, and then releases that paint into the culture medium [our skin covered Petri dish]. Then the culture medium goes to the cells and creates the complement of the picture. Your biology is a complement to your mind. Simple.” [Interview with Caroline McGraw] This is confirmed by the notion of the healing power of consciousness which is light – the light of the soul – that makes Radionics archetypal.

Finally, I’ll just add this since some people can be confused by terminology and principles. Because radionics often presents to us some unexplained weirdness, people parallel all sorts of weird science with it, such as Rife. As observed above, it doesn’t matter that frequencies are used in other modalities. They don’t belong in radionics, even though they are successfully utilised. There are plenty of radionics instruments that don’t work via RF or utilise any frequency at all. Radionics (a misnomer from a former technological era) works because of consciousness, as I observed – which is the clearest and most rational explanation that I have yet come across – so it doesn’t work with frequencies which are measured over distance and time. Rife, on the other hand, works precisely because of space and time, precise frequencies that can implode defective cells in the body. It is a different modality completely, although it is understandable that people will confuse the two because both Rife and radionics act invisibly to the naked eye. But radionics is radionics, not Rife or other method.

I trust that this article has been informative. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to join in the conversation by commenting below.


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  1. Physics and Technology of Consciousness = Radionics!
    “Food” for my Soul – THANK you for keeping this Knowledge alive! Stay safe & protected💙

      1. Everything you write here is valuable and instantly applicable! NOW… it’s time (last moment) to apply it! This is THE best (maybe the only) option we, the people, have – to save us all, using the power of our Consciousness 🙏🏻 Time to be fully aware & responsible – or we’ll not survive! That is how I feel and I’m truly GRATEFUL for the Knowledge you shared here with us🙏🏻

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