Mantras and Radionics

mantra and radionics
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Mantras and Radionics

What are mantras and are they compatible with radionics? In this article we will investigate mantras and their potential use in radionics, together with a radionics pioneer who used them successfully for remote healing treatments.

One of the several ways that the word mantra or mantram can be translated is “instrument of thought,” and this is just one reason that I feel that mantras share a connection with radionics. Radionics is also a thought-based practice utilising instruments as aids. To define what mantras are, it could be said that they are “words of power” used to consciously align oneself or a situation with cosmic forces. They are considered to bring into reality the truth they express.

mantra and radionicsMantras are “sound symbols,” essentially ritualised formulae of structured information encoded in sound or in script. What they symbolise and how they function, is essentially the context and the mind of the person reciting the mantra.

“The Tantras [ancient mystical texts] deal with the Cosmic power of the letters elaborately and determine their form, their power, their uses and their presiding deities. A word is nothing but a cluster of letters and the letters are the symbolic representation of the spoken words. It is therefore plausible that spoken words also have Cosmic force inherent in them; but this cannot be proved or demonstrated to a mind that is strictly materialistic or scientific. The Tantrics… perform seemingly impossible feats with spoken mantras alone.” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, “The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy.”]

“In Tantric works it is said about the Mantras: ‘Kimastyasadhyam mantranam yojitanam yathavidhi.’ (‘What is impossible for the Mantras to perform if they are rightly applied?’) This means that the Mantras can accomplish anything and everything if they are rightly applied, or where the Mantra has been perfected by continuous utterings. In another place we read: ‘Visvavismapane saktir-mantrad-asyopajayate.’ (‘From this mantra such power can be generated that would surprise the world.’)” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, “Teletherapy.”]

Mantra Moves the Elements

It is commonly understood in Indian tradition that the sound of a name is not different to that which is named. The Srimad Bhagavatam repeatedly points out that the name of the Supreme Lord is as powerful as the Lord himself. “The word OM is one with God, and indeed is God.” [Swami Prabhavananda.] Further, the Tantric school of Hinduism states that each mantra is a deity. The chosen deity is embodied by use of the appropriate mantra. “A mantra is like meeting the Buddha or Bodhisattva himself.” [Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche.] Dr Bhattacharyya summed it up: “In the cosmic field there is no difference between Name and Form.”

Even this material world as we know it, in Hinduism and Buddhism is described as “namarupa,” meaning “name and form.” These two qualities are constituents of one inseparable whole. Here, nama may refer to the spiritual or essential properties of an object or being, and rupa refers to the physical presence that it manifests. Roughly speaking, these could be considered mind and manifestation.

The use of mantras is a spiritual/cosmic science that has an ancient history. The earliest recorded mantras were composed in Sanskrit and recorded in the Vedas, which are essentially the record of spiritual traditions and teachings in India that pre-date the development of writing. Oral tradition would naturally develop an understanding of the significance of sound and word. In the Genesis creation account God/Elohim spoke the world into existence, and the Gospel of John says that “In the beginning was the Word/Logos.” According to Alice Bailey, in esoteric terms, mantra is the word made flesh.

mantra radionics “So that’s the power of mantra, because mantra moves the elements—all five elements, plus heavens, plus the Earth.” [Yogi Bhajan]

“Mantra power is one of the primeval natural forces which none can escape.” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, “Teletherapy.”]

In Sanskrit it is said: “Amantram Aksharam Naasti Naasit Moolam Anaushadham.” (“There is not one sound that is not a mantra, not one plant that is not a medicine.”) The implication here is that every single letter has a cosmic power known as “prana-shakti” (vital force), the creative life principle. “Prana, we could say, is the spirit of mantra. Mantra in turn is the expression of prana.” [David Frawley, “Mantra Yoga and the Primal Sound.”] In ancient India the sages recognised that words have a mysterious power over humans (microcosm) and hence the world (macrocosm).

“Through mantra we can gain mastery of all the forces of time and karma.” [David Frawley, ibid]

Over millennia the science of mantra developed to the extent where even a single specific syllable can be considered to embody the power of a whole statement (mantra) of purpose or exhortation. These syllables were formulated and refined thousands of years ago, and are known as Bija (or Beej) mantras, considered to possess great power. When added to another mantra the resultant mantra is known as samput mantra, intensifying the energy by combining the focus of the Bija mantra with the power of the original mantra. One has to know what he is doing to do this, but we shall see this in practice in examples given below.

The recitation of mantras has been a spiritual practice for countless thousands of years for the purpose of elevating consciousness, connecting to a deity (i.e. the personification of an energetic or archetypal principle or cosmic intelligence) and changing a situation to a beneficial end. The latter is particularly beneficial to the practice of radionics, since radionics is most often used to initiate and compliment healing.

Radionics is an amplification of intention, and obviously won’t work without deliberate intention. An instrument is essentially potential, inert unless used by the mind. Similarly a mantra is empowered by the movement of mind. Its use with conscious intention has a very powerful effect, not least because many mantras have been further empowered by the recitation by millions of people for aeons.

A Radionics Pioneer

mantras and radionicsDr Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, MA, PhD, who passed away in 1964, was a well-respected homoeopathic doctor and practitioner of radionics in India who developed his own methods which he termed Teletherapy (“distance healing”). In 1897 he was born into a family that practiced Vedic and esoteric disciplines, and he later became a consultant to the Maharaja (king) of Gurarat. He was also an expert in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, esoteric systems and iconography. In his radionic practice he used mantras (in written form) with excellent results, usually in conjunction with Jyotish (Vedic astrology) gemstones. Dr Bhattacharyya wrote many books, including “The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy” and “Teletherapy,” in which he discusses the use of mantras for healing.

In his books he points out that written words are different to spoken words. Written mantras are condensation of universal light rather than sound. As the words take form on paper they manifest their luminous bodies with the same qualities as the light of the cosmos. The words maintain this fundamental connection to the cosmic light present in all creation until they are effaced. “The higher word or mantra consists of both sound and light. It is the word of light. Sound is the vibratory quality of space, which itself is the field of light.” [David Frawley, ibid.]

Rotation or vibration were used by Dr Bhattacharyya to repeatedly energise the effectiveness of the written mantra, rather than speaking it. In some ways it is similar to a Tibetan prayer wheel, containing written prayers and mantras, that is rotated by the practitioner to amplify or multiply his focus or purpose; or the fluttering of prayer flags sending the written mantra out to benefit the world, fulfilling the intention of the person who strung up the flags. If something is set in motion with intention, the motion is the process of fulfilling the purpose. So intentionally setting the mantra in motion is similar to speaking it. Movement would appear to be a vital element in empowering a mantra, either physical movement of written words or mental movement of spoken words.

Nevertheless because no one had previously used mantras for distant healing by radionic methods, Dr Bhattacharyya considered it a groundbreaking discovery. “This is the first time that a device has been conceived and executed for radiating the forces of the Mantras for healing purposes… Vibrators can radiate Mantra Shakti [cosmic energy].” [Dr B Bhattacharyya, “Teletherapy.”]

mantras and radionicsHe expressed the fundamental essence of all things in terms of Divine Light, or cosmic rays, which is therefore understood to be the inherent unity between the mantra treatment, the witness (photograph of the patient) and the patient:

“Written Mantras have certain powers inherent in them, and continuous movement of the letters or vibrations release the power of the words written on the piece of paper… A written Mantra should be carefully examined with a prism in the right way. The prism will then show multiple colours of the Rainbow covering each and every letter of the handwritten or printed Mantra… These cosmic colours have a quality, quantity and arrangement in them. This is, in a word, the wavelength [sic] of each complete Mantra… When the paper with the printed Mantra is vibrated on a Vibrator, the cosmic colour contents of the Mantra are agitated and released from the paper on which the Mantra is printed. This agitation of cosmic colours and their detachment can be seen through a prism when the Vibrator is operating. The particles of cosmic colour combine together by their inherent power and at once travel to persons whose photographs are before the Vibrator, and the cosmic colours immediately surround the owners and produce the colour effect on them…

mantras and radiionics“The cosmic colours released by the letters of the Mantra are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, being part of the vast cosmic light ocean, and these divine qualities enable the colours released by the Mantra to travel to their destination. When a photograph of a person is taken, it establishes a permanent cosmic colour connection (or circuit) between the owner and photograph, and this connection is never severed until one or the other is completely destroyed. When on the photograph rays are released they immediately surround the owner through the circuit and if that time the person is examined with a prism distinct colour changes will be evident.” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, ibid.]

Originally he used a small electric fan motor to rotate a silver disc about 3 inches or 75mm diameter, to which was attached the written mantra together with the appropriate gemstones or written cure words for the treatment. In front of the disc was placed the witness of the patient, often in the form of a small passport photo. This was a logical and technological development of radiesthesia where Dr Bhattacharyya had previously used a pendulum to send treatment via the witness of the patient.

Later he developed a different system, using an audio speaker in a small box with a lid. The speaker was vibrated at 50 Hz, a low hum, that was generated using the AC oscillation from mains electricity with the voltage dropped down through a transformer. Again the mantra was written on paper, and attached to the speaker cone so it would be subjected to the vibration. Other remedies (most often gemstones) could also be hung in a mesh bag in front of the speaker, and even Yantras engraved on thin silver plate were also vibrated in this way. The patient’s witness photograph was attached to the lid, which when closed would be about 2 inches or 5 centimetres in front of the speaker. Thus the patient, no matter where in the world they were, would receive the treatment of the healing power of the mantra and the balancing, corrective energy of the gemstones or other remedy in contact with the speaker. (Although he didn’t always use gemstone treatment, Dr Bhattacharyya wrote that “I never transmit the power of gems singly, without the backing of the Sanjivani Mantra.” – see below for information about this mantra. The books infer that the Sanjivani Mantra was also written in the back of the cabinet behind the speaker, but I cannot confirm that for certain.)

mantras and radionicsPerhaps an understanding of this process is that the intentional motion, through setting the vibration or rotation, encodes or imparts the information inherent in the mantra (together with the energetic qualities of the other remedies) into the aether/Akasha. As I observed in previous articles, e.g. here, we exist in a field of infinite and indivisible consciousness not affected by space and time. So if it is intended (intention obviously has its fulfilment in action/motion, primarily movement of the mind) to affect a change of state at a certain location (e.g. the healing of a person) then that information is immediately available as a blueprint or resonant pattern “everywhere,” so to speak, for the change to take place.

From his extensive study Dr Bhattacharyya could say that “There is still much that modern science can learn from the Tantras [ancient texts]. When those scientific facts [of the ancient texts] become the common property of mankind, scientists will come face to face with the real substratum of the universe – the Brahman of the Hindus, and the Sunya or Vigna of the Buddhists.” (i.e. the self-existing all-pervading field of consciousness.)

“A mantra is a sacred and potent vibratory chant… the power for which is derived from the OM, the Cosmic sound… The whole universe reverberates constantly with the vibrations of this Cosmic sound.” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, “The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy.”]

The Healing Mantras

What mantras did Dr Bhattacharyya use for treatment? There are three that he specifically mentions in his books:

“The most famous and the most powerful and efficacious, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is the best for disease and death, and this Mantra is found to be a good protective. The Gayatri is another powerful Mantra. When these are combined in samputa [literally, encapsulated or folded together to increase potency], they form the great Mritasanjivani Mantra which should always be radiated to all, including serious patients. The direction of the Shastras [scriptures] is that if Mritasanjivani or Mrityunjaya Mantras fail to effect a cure, it should be understood that life current is exhausted in the patient.” [ibid.]

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which first appeared in the Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, is a prayer to Shiva for wellbeing, to overcome death, and for spiritual enlightenment. Maha means “great,” mrit means “death,” and jaya is “victory.” Hence the name means “The great death-defying mantra.” Shiva destroys ignorance and, in the form of Kalantaka (Conqueror of Time and Death), is able to conquer even Yama, the personification of death.

mantra and radionicsThe full Mahamrityunjaya Mantra reads:

Om Haum Jum Sah, Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha:
Om Triyambhakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urva Rukameva Bandhanan Mriturmukshiye Mamritat:
Om Swaha Bhuva Bhuh, Om Sah Jum Haum Om

Commonly people chant the two middle lines only of the above mantra, which is thus properly known as the Mrityunjaya Mantra (leaving off Maha which, as seen above, means “great”). The first and last lines include Bija mantras that open and close the mantra, increasing its potency.

Gayatri Mantra

The second mantra that Dr Bhattacharyya mentioned is the Gayatri Mantra. This is also from the Rig Veda, and was originally a prayer to the Sun deity, the supreme creator. It is a meditation on the Supreme Intelligence or Divine Light that illuminates and purifies all beings everywhere, on every level. This mantra is widely known, and is still chanted daily by many as a sadhana (spiritual practice). It is even praised by the Buddha in the Pali Canon. This mantra is known to be powerful. The Chandogya Upansishad declared: “The Gayatri is everything, whatever here exists.” And Sri Aurobindo said that “Infinite energy rests in the Gayatri Mantra.”

mantras and radionics

The Gayatri Mantra reads:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracho Dayat

Sanjivani Mantra

The third mantra that Dr Bhattacharyya mentions – and here it gets a little complex – is the Mritasanjivani Mantra, or sometimes referred to as the Sanjeevani Mantra. (Note that there are a variety of spellings.) The name means “Reviver of the dead.” (Mrit, as above, means “death,” and sanjivini is a mythical healing herb that can reverse even death.) One confusion is that the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (above) is sometimes also referred to as the Mrita-Sanjeevini Mantra. But Dr Bhattacharyya mentioned that the combined Gayatri and Mahamrityunjaya Mantras together form the Mritasanjivani Mantra. By comparison this mantra is relatively obscure, and there are a few differing recordings on youtube.

After much research, and until I hear from some wise Sanskrit pandit, the following is what I believe to be accurate enough. (Different pandits may have various opinions.) Note that the lines alternate between each of the component Gayatri and Mahamrityunjaya Mantras, and that the resultant total mantra is encapsulated between the top line and bottom line of Bija mantras:

mantras and radionics

The Mritasanjivani Mantra reads:

Om Haum Jum Sah
Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Om Triyambhakam Yajamahe
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Urva Rukameva Bandhanan
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracho Dayat
Mriturmukshiye Mamritat
Om Swaha Bhuva Buh Saha Jum Haum Om

Dr Bhattacharyya adds that “Likewise many other mantras may be radiated [or broadcast] for various social purposes to unite husband and wife… to cure sterility, to destroy enmity, to acquire knowledge, learning, brain-power and should I say, immense wealth.”

He also suggests that the mantra is written on paper in red ink.

Mantra and Radionics, Summary

The use of mantras releases great power to achieve one’s desires and to heal. The main prerequisite for the practice of a mantra is constant repetition. The mantra itself does the work.  However it is important not to misuse a mantra. “If you can do no good, at least do no harm.” [Kurt Vonnegut]

The use of an appropriate radionics instrument is a method that may be used for the constant repetition of mantras. From the vibrations or rotations that Bhattacharya originally used in his “Teletherapy,” to the pulsing broadcast function of a device such as Malcolm Rae’s “interrupter,” to a frequency generator or MP3 recordings, these may be avenues to explore.

mantra and radionicsDr A.K. (Anil Kumar) Bhattacharya, son of Dr Benoytosh Bhattacharya and heir to his vision, sums up the use of mantras and radionic treatment: “Teletherapy can be utilised to broadcast the benefic vibrations of Mantra. Different Mantras are for curing varieties of complaints. Those who are interested may consult the book ‘Saundaryalahari’ of Sankaracharya for this purpose. There are other Mantras also which are very effective. I have tried Saraswati Mantra extensively and found that it helps in concentration of the mind and thus helping the students. Restoring confidence in patients is helpful in cases of depression and abnormal pattern of thoughts. The Sanjeevani Mantra, which is an amalgamation of Gayatri and Mahamtrityujaya Mantras has been found useful in most of the cases. Mantra Sastra is a very vast field and lots of research can be and should be done to extract all its benefits for alleviating the sufferings of Mankind.” [“Collected Works of Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya.”]

“Finally I may say that the simple dictum that all names and forms have their roots in the cosmic Light Ocean is a thing difficult to comprehend. When this fact is realised all Names and Forms will appear as Light which is part of the Divine Light or the Light of the Brahman which pervades this vast endless Universe.” [Dr B. Bhattacharyya, “Teletherapy.”]

Thus concludes my overview of mantras and the greatest exponent of their use in the field of radionics. For those who have not encountered this topic previously, I hope it serves as an introduction, and will leave it to you to undertake further research if you want to experiment with mantras and radionics. For those of you who are more versed in Sanskrit and mantras than I am, I invite you to add any insights you may have, especially for the mantras mentioned above. Also I would be very grateful for photos of any original Teletherapy devices to include in this and future articles. Of course I welcome any feedback that adds to the discussion in the comments below.

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  1. Well , I be been asked if I can put you back together without being there . I suppose all is available to the healing agent with propose . I will definetly try the mantras given here . I typically send love

  2. I have also used Dr. Bhattacharya’s Teletherapy system.
    I am also using a slightly different method.

    I radiate Shree Vishnu Sahasrnaama Mantra (SVSM) from a music player (or from mobile phone) directly on the photograph of the person needing help. I stick the photo right on the speaker of the player or simply keep the photo facing the screen of the mobile.

    It has given very good results. This method is very effective for addictions and various such mental and behaviour problems where medicines did not work. One can easily experiment for some other issues also.

    SVSM by MS Subbalakshmi can be down loaded from Google play store. There are other versions also.

  3. That was some where 1981 -1982 I was very young and around 25 years of age. By then I was suffering from a skin desease diagnosed as ‘Dry Esczima’ on my leg and I did all sorts of medicine for more than a decade but no cure. At that time I learnt from my senior officer about this theraphy treatment by shri A K Bhattacharyaji. I did correspondence through letters and accordingly sent my passport size photograph. Within a week I got reply that my photo was kept in the ‘Green radiation chamber’. Within few days I felt the effect. The portion of the leg swollen and dry esczima turn to wet and liquid started flowing out. Within next few days it became so sever that I decided not to take any more risk and asked them to stop the treatment. Again I got a letter from them that my photo was taken out from the chamber and the treatment was stopped. Slowly water coming out from the wound was stopped and it turned back to original status of dry esczima. (After more than a decade it got cured without any medicine was a differnt story )

    I remember one Mr. Mani was incharge of the lab. at that time.

    1. I appreciate you sharing the memories of your experience. Perhaps the analysis of the cause was incorrect in this instance, but also sometimes the condition may worsen with radionic treatment before it improves. Thanks again for sharing the experience. It does illustrate the effectiveness of Dr Bhattacharyaji’s treatments.

  4. Hello sir Thanks for your invaluable article

    I like to know the transformer and voltage value of Mr Bhattacharya used for the Teletherapy box or any circuit diagram because i am going to make it for my own purpose only,

    Could you help me please
    Thank you for your wonderful information

    1. Thanks for your comment. I don’t have a schematic – it is simply a transformer to drop mains AC voltage to a level that will not damage the speaker coil. The sine wave of the AC itself drives the speaker, but at a low voltage. I do not know the output voltage as used by Dr Bhattacharya, but maximum depends on the rating of the speaker. I would say to try no more than 6 volts if it is a low rated speaker.
      If anyone else has more specific details you are welcome to advise. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for your Guidance sir
    Here Tamil nadu i am read a tamil book Pendulum dowsing mattrum teletherapy (Author name Mr.Annadhurai) He mentioned in the book He used 3v supply for the speaker coil but i got more information from you that is 50HZ after i am understanding alternative current only have a frequency hertz but Dc current don’t have a frequency so he used ac current 3v 50Hz But the problem is haw can i get a 3v 50hz from 220v because in the market every product available for only ac to Dc 220v ac to 12vDc or 9v only so i am confused how can i get a Three volt ac current from a 220v Have you any idea could you help me please Thank you

    1. You will need to inquire with electronic supply companies for suitable transformers. The other option is to use a signal generator.

    2. Goodmorning friends, I have used the speaker box for vibration, as described by Dr.M.G.Annadurai.
      I had made here by local electronic shop by using 220 to 6 v transformer, 6″ speaker, 1 switch for on and off, a box of closed type. Anybody wish to see my machine. Pl contact 8610283188

        1. I believe that the only way to obtain these items is to make them yourself. Perhaps someone who can make them, who reads this, can help.

  6. Hi, many thanks for this great article. Would you by chance know where I can purchase the books of Benoytosh Bhattacharya and/or A.K. Bhattacharya? Also would you know how I can get in contact with A.K Bhattacharya (perhaps he has a website)? I’m very interested in learning more and if possible getting in touch.

    1. Welcome.
      Unfortunately most of the books by the father and son Bhattacharya are extremely difficult to find now. I have managed to find most of them only after several years.
      I believe that Dr AK Bhattacharya would have passed away by now. If he is still alive he would be 97 years of age. I don’t have any record of him after 2000.
      I wish all the best for your research.

  7. GREETINGS FROM INDIA Few words about me: I’M DR. RAJAN N. IYER (MD D.Ac, D.Sc, FF. Hom) Basically a Gynec with 42 years Clinical Experience. Taught Gynec, Forensic, Criminal Psychology, Psychosexual Medicine in Colleges and also FORCES..* I met Dr. A.K.B in 1981. I was associated with Lt Mata Narayani & Swami Anandji of Soham Sanctuary Africa & Baroda- India since 1984-85 and I’m still Running Her Charity Centers that She started in 1981.. She gifted Me a Base 10 and a Base10/44.. I request you to give links to Mantra & Radionics- Part 1.. and OMKAR REMEDIES- with Rates- (Now there is None: Soham Sanctuary is sold to a Printing Press after the Sad Demise of .Lt. Swami Anandji and Dr. Combe is also No More..) * With Warm Regards, Dr. Rajan N. Iyer

    1. Thank you, sir, for your comment. Very interesting experiences, especially that you met Dr A.K. Bhattachrya and still operate Mataji’s Charities.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the rates for Omkar Remedies. If I do find those rates, I will be sure to contact you.
      Best regards. 🙂

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