The Mind and Radionics: A Spiritual Perspective

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The Mind and Radionics: A Spiritual Perspective

What is mind? What role does the mind play in radionics, and how much? By answering at least a little of these deep questions we will also have some insight into what role the instrument itself plays, though this is not the primary focus of this article. In this article we will take a look at the human mind and its relationship to what we might call (for want of a convenient reference) cosmic mind, a field of pure intelligence and information, and why this is important to the understanding of radionics. We will look at this question from philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical and scientific perspectives, so make yourself a coffee and get ready for a fun ride!

In this present age we have inherited a reductionist, materialist world view, in which modern science has convinced most of us that if something can’t be dissected or measured it is of no significance, or more to the point, it doesn’t exist. Glitches in the matrix, the anomalies such as the placebo effect or unexpected medical recoveries, are either casually waved off as being statistically insignificant or else vigorously denied. Perhaps even the word “miraculous” might be used in the media to explain it away.

consciousness radionics patternBut it is the occurrence of these very anomalies that shout in the face of scientific materialism. The fact that these things occur means that our inherited view of reality doesn’t work. If there is an exception of any sort to our assumed rules, it is a clear indication that our theories and beliefs are an insufficient understanding of reality.

Consciousness is the obvious challenge to science. It is the undeniable reality of our being that can’t be either measured, extracted or explained away. Without consciousness nothing can be perceived, nothing can be imagined, and nothing can be created, thus essentially nothing can exist. The Newtonian view of the world doesn’t concern itself with consciousness, but in the rarefied world of quantum physics at least some physicists and theorists do have the understanding that consciousness is the underlying reality of phenomena, and the interconnection between all things.

“The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” (Sir James Jeans, pioneering physicist and mathematician.)

Radionics holds the assumption that things are connected, with practitioners often referring to “energy”, “vibration” or “frequency” to explain the fundamental forms and their connection. However to me these concepts still seem to be too “Newtonian” and physical, with their implication of time, space and action, to explain the non-physical radionics phenomenon.

In radionics the “witness” or sample used is often considered as more than just a symbol of the person, place or thing that is being treated; it is considered to be a direct link, in the sense of the quantum entanglement of a pair of photons. However even this is still a materialist viewpoint, even if a subtle one. I would argue, instead, that the link between things is at the informational level in the field of consciousness.

This field of consciousness is beyond the mind, yet the mind as personal consciousness arises in it, embraced in its all-pervading totality.

radionics mindGeorge Berkeley, the 18th century philosopher, believed that everything exists as thoughts in the mind of God. To him the world is mind-dependent; there is nothing that exists but mind and ideas or sensations. “To be is to be perceived.” [“Principles of Human Knowledge”, George Berkeley.] Objects have continued existence without human perception because God (Absolute Consciousness) perceives them. For something to exist, therefore, including your personal consciousness, it must be primarily a thought in the mind of God. God communicates through symbols of human thought and perception. All things, with or without direct human intervention, arise from and within a field of pure consciousness or infinite potential (the mind of God). Hence everything is intimately connected at the level of Absolute Consciousness and manifested in human personal consciousness.

We could reframe this so that the mind of God is essentially the field of the potential (or field of information) for anything to exist or come into existence. The human mind has its existence in this same field, and may be understood to be an interface between the mind of God (pure consciousness) and the apparent material world. The material world, then, is simply perception. We project the world with our minds.

Perception is projection. John Wheeler, quantum theorist, stated it clearly when he said: “No phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.”

Max Planck, father of quantum physics, was also convinced of the primacy of consciousness. “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulating consciousness.”

consciousnessVasistha, one of the greatest sages of ancient India, pointed out that we don’t live in a material world at all, but that consciousness is the only reality: “All these worlds appear in the Absolute Consciousness (Brahman) but they are apprehended as an independent substantial reality on account of ignorance… Erroneous perception makes all this appear as ‘the world’… All are but apparent modifications in the one infinite Consciousness. Even as dream-objects are within oneself, all these are not different from infinite Consciousness… On account of one’s own notions of their being substances which one experiences, they appear to have substantiality. Thus conjuring up a substantiality, the consciousness sees the substantiality.”

Vasistha goes on to say: “This energy of infinite Consciousness, without even for a moment abandoning its own true nature, has manifested this creation by merely willing it in its own intelligence… Out of this have proceeded all the elements and their corresponding subjective senses. In truth, that energy of the infinite Consciousness itself is space, time, natural order, expansion of thought, attraction and repulsion, I-ness, you-ness and it-ness, above, below, the other directions, the mountains, the firmament and the stars, knowledge and ignorance -– all, whatever is, was and ever will be. All that is nothing but the energy of the infinite Consciousness. Although it is one, it is conceived of as diverse beings.” [“The Concise Yoga Vasistha”, translated by Swami Venkatesananda.]

Theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger would agree: “Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind.”

Radionics, clearly a part of the world-appearance, is thus essentially the movement of the mind within Consciousness. If you have read my previous articles you will note that the actual practice of radionics sets up a resonant informational pattern within the field of consciousness. This is as a direct result of the function of the mind in the form of thought, imagination and intention. During the practice of radionics the desired outcome is formed in the mind as a seed of information. (Note that the thoughtform is a shape, or informational pattern.) Just as a seed holds the information of a tree, and thence a whole forest, so the mind holds the information for the intended outcome to grow and manifest as a physical appearance within the world. The mind is the essential link between the radionics operator, the person or situation being treated, and the intended outcome.

the mind and radionicsHans-Peter Durr declares that: “Reality is not based on matter anymore (‘Matter is not made of matter’) but relates to a fundamental immaterial connectedness (‘Reality is not reality but potentiality’) obeying non-deterministic laws. This potentiality, similar to ‘information’, establishes an intimate, non-separable, non-reducible, holistic relationship between everything. Only on the coarser macroscopic level, in an ‘as-if’-fashion, familiar reality is induced with all its inanimate and animate forms including man. The future is essentially open, not strictly determined, allowing genuine creation. Predictability and knowledge and science (conditioned on determinism and reductionism) do not hold anymore in the strict scientific sense but are basically limited (and not only due to our ignorance).”

According to the Integrated Information Theory of Giulio Tononi (who holds a Distinguished Chair of Consciousness Science at the University of Wisconsin), consciousness appears wherever there is information. Not just any information, but integrated information, coming together to form a single entity (or pattern). (For more on the significance of patterns, please read my previous articles here, here, and here.)

radionics consciousnessAs we have seen above, it is the role of the mind to recognise and create patterns of integrated information, which are formed in the totality of Absolute or cosmic consciousness.

Vadim Zeland, author, mystic and former quantum physicist, suggests that our mind travels along lines within what he called the Space of Variations as potential, which then materializes the variation that it tunes into. (The Space of Variations may be imagined to be a tree with an infinite number of entangled branches each of which represents a possible variation.) Radionics is a tool to utilise and amplify this potential of mind to create variations.

It is not my purpose in this article to discuss how or where the radionics instrument fits into this overview of the mind in radionics. However you may read some of my theories about this in my previous articles linked above. Suffice it to say, it is my understanding that the instrument is essentially a multi-dimensional resonant pattern that the mind perceives and tunes (and is tuned into by its imagination and intention). The instrument serves to hold the intention created in the mind and be a focus and catalyst of the treatment over time.

So finally, in light of ancient wisdom, philosophy, mystical vision, and quantum physics, radionics could be summarized thus: The human mind is the creator of the pattern (integrated information) of the desired outcome, and is the impulse that sets the radionic treatment or analysis in motion. All of this occurs in the field of information or pure potential of the totality of “cosmic mind” in which all possible outcomes have their being. Because the mind holds and integrates both the present situation and the desired outcome, it (mind) creates a resonant informational pattern that links the two, rectifying and planting “seed” information in the target that “germinates” into manifested reality. Ultimately radionics may be understood to be a spiritual science since it doesn’t manipulate the material world (which is merely a dependent manifestation, albeit a very real-feeling one).

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and invite you to join the discussion by commenting below.

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