Radionic Design, Relationship and Coherence

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Radionic Design, Relationship and Coherence

I will start here by defining radionics as an instrument-aided manifestation modality. Historically radionics was exclusively the use of electronic instruments for therapeutic purposes by doctors and trained medical practitioners, but in more recent years it is increasingly being used for manifestation of personal desires and incorporated into occult practices. It was first understood that radionics instruments measured electrical resistance in body tissue (and treatment was by similarly electrical means), before it was found that diagnosis and treatment could be done at a distance with devices which had no electrical power at all. In fact, all this could be done by simply drawing the instrument on paper. So is radionics all in the mind?

This eyebrow-raising diversity may lead to any number of further questions: What actually is the instrument, and how must it function? – or does it have to function at all? What about “symbolic radionics” that can be nothing but a schematic or diagram sketched on paper? Can it be just a random collection of stuff thrown into a bag? (I have to say that I’ve never actually seen this, but it is a logical if absurd extension to the argument that radionics is all in the practitioner’s mental focus.)

Allowing for the myriad diverse schematic designs of radionic instruments – so diverse, in fact, that many cannot even be compared – in the practice of radionics there seems to be a necessity for three things to be present for a successful operation: That the instrument is (1) “doing something [anything]”, (2) “appearing to do something [observation]” and (3) “actually doing something [outcome]”.

Aquamarine from the Eugene Meieran collection | Sri Yantra | David Tansley radionics instrument

Naturally it is clear to any observer that the radionic device isn’t actually impacting material reality according to physical laws (point 3 above), which is sufficient fuel for sceptics, although its effects are frequently seen by those who practice radionics with conviction.

With this in mind, and returning to points 1 and 2, it therefore seems likely that if the instrument is actually designed to do something (e.g. to generate an RF signal or amplify “vibrational” information) and is appearing to do something (e.g. lights on, dials turned), then these – together with the will and commitment of the operator – fulfil the purpose and perform the function for which the radionic device was initially created and subsequently tuned by the operator.

“Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.”
[Edgar Cayce]

I don’t believe that we can separate any of these three factors from radionics, and that they are present in whatever form radionics takes, to a greater or lesser degree, whether we are talking about radionics as commonly understood, symbolic radionics, or radiesthesia.

(I may now add, almost as an afterthought, to the list of three above, namely point (4) that the instrument “appears to be something” [form].)

Symbolic radionics, which is usually a schematic drawn or printed on paper or some other non-functional substrate, works perhaps as well as a “real” device constructed using electronic components. For symbolic radionics to function requires the operator’s interaction with it, just as “real” radionics does – and of course, even as radiesthesia does. Each of these devices has tangible form, in either 2 or 3 dimensions.

Fabre D’Olivet’s Constitution of Man | Buckminster Fuller and geodesic dome | Platonic solids

Nothing of this, clearly, occurs outside the consciousness, either of the operator, or the collective consciousness of humanity, or of the universal or Absolute consciousness (God, Brahman, or whatever name you wish to give it). Observation, intention, will, purpose, belief… many aspects arise in the operator in relationship with the instrument, whose consciousness is altered by both the presence and function of the instrument – and who in turn influences the instrument!

“In your own consciousness create the world as you like. In truth, the Infinite Consciousness, the mind (individual consciousness) and the infinite space are all of one substance, pervaded by the Infinite Consciousness.”
[The Sun talking to Brahma the Creator, from Yoga Vasistha]

All is taking place in the field of consciousness, localised in a node that is the operator, and subject to his/her intention and reaction to stimuli. The stimuli appear to create a kind of feedback loop, so, for example, if the instrument turns on a light when the operator presses a switch, then the purpose and confidence of the operator is reinforced by a mental confirmation that the device is working in accordance with his/her intention. This intention is thus increasingly harmonised with the purpose of the tuning of the instrument, and vice versa, in a symbiotic loop.

The radionics instrument is a vital component of, and inseparable from, material reality – just as are all other parts in this material universe which we inhabit. The instrument must have form. Yet it is essentially symbolic. As observed above, the instrument itself does not have a direct, measureable effect on the material world while it is, itself, material. The power is in the symbol. The device is a bridge or an interface between the will of consciousness and the outcome of that will, between the immaterial and the material. We are in relationship with the device, and as in all relationships, one influences the other, although the effect is frequently intangible. The symbol holds the meaning. It is the symbol which is the reality, rather than the tangible and material.

“Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in symbols and images. The world will not receive truth in any other way. There is a rebirth and an image of rebirth. It is a necessity to be born again through the image.”
[Apocryphal Gospel of Philip]

There is often a tendency to divide radionics into categories according to their physical design, applying labels which may be useful but not particularly helpful, and which tends to partition unifying elements (the symbols, the “patterns”) and blur our perception of these commonalities. If this categorisation is rigidly adhered to, the conclusion might be that type A relies on the willpower of the operator, type B on the schematic design, etc. It is also tempting to think that because we use a particular design or schematic, and it works, then that must be the basis of the radionic function – e.g. “this” type of tuning device, or “that” type of waveform, etc. But the fact that a wide variety of designs work that do not use those forms of technology – at all – should make us pause for consideration.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s flower of life | Sierpinski fractal antenna | Giza pyramids

The same may be said for the numerical rates that are used on possibly the majority of radionics instruments. There may be several different rates for the same situation or condition, and conversely, the same rate may represent more than one condition. What are we to make of this? A radionics instrument maker and practitioner recently observed:

“What I’ve been noticing from the start is that there’s no right and wrong rates. Any rate someone takes is good for that moment, for that session, for that target, for that practitioner. Rate books are redundant. There, I said it!
Rates are momentary. The machine records something you do in that moment and replays it…but what it plays is a small portion of time in which you did all the work.”
[Magus Magistrus]

I propose that radionics isn’t so much in what it does, but that it must do something, and it requires a pattern (e.g. functional electronic schematic, rate or geometry of some kind – i.e. the “symbol” of reality) through which it may “act”, initiated by the work put in by the operator. The informational energy that the operator wishes to direct to some end must follow a pattern with which it resonates, so as to express itself. But the mode of operation itself can be almost anything – an RF transmitter, an audio amplifier, a light… so long as something is happening.

This “something” also includes the turning of dials, operation of a switch, use of a pendulum, etc. Equally, all these “somethings” are the flow of information within the field, in a similar way to electrons moving through an amplifier and into an antenna. Everything, including radionics, functions in a dynamic, relational way.

“If a relationship-per se is involved, then the presence or absence of a power supply in the Hieronymus machine would make no difference; it doesn’t change the relationship of the parts. But a burned out tube would make a difference; it would alter the relationship of the parts. And the seemingly random wiring system, and all soldered-together switches of the Drown and De la Warr machines would also make sense, it was the position of the switch – its relationship that counted. But a loose connection that came unsoldered would introduce a false relationship…
“Relationship-per se seems to be best concentrated, in the purest state, when we deal with purely symbolic things. The closer we get to a pure symbol, the less objective reality we have, and the more nearly pure-relationship we have… The material object structure has zero significance; only the relationship-pattern has meaning.”
[John W Campbell, Astounding Science Fiction. (Italics in the original.)]

Everything is a functional pattern – a tree, a river delta, a human body, a galaxy… each in intimate relationship within itself and with the other. It is through these things that consciousness and its expressive information flow – similarly (and inversely) that same flow of information creates the patterns themselves! Each is entirely dependent on, and inseparable from, the other. Thus if we create a device that is at least symbolically resonant with the information of what we wish to manifest or achieve, then we encourage and enhance the manifestation.

Nautilus shell | DNA & galaxy from a painting by Lynette Cook | Golden Ratio spiral

All of this implies that the device (whether physically 3D or 2D) must be of functional design to have an influence on other dimensions/levels that are “prior” to and supports this physical one, where the seed information of physical reality is sown. By “functional”, I mean that it is either “doing something” (such as having rotating dials, glowing lights, or moving electrons through amplifiers or silicone chips) or “harmonising with something” (i.e. possessing sacred geometric angles, dimensions or ratios). In other words, each component of the whole is in relationship. Break that relationship, via a faulty part or broken wire, or a line out of place, and the radionic function is inhibited. We can observe this same principle in the world which we inhabit. Break our relationship with the dynamic environment, and we may go insane or even die.

Essentially, radionics isn’t just “one thing” standing alone, discrete – or even two things, or any number of things. In fact all things are in relationship with, and given cause and purpose to, the radionics instrument. It is a “node” in the whole network of interconnectedness. Because it is “interdimensional”, in tune with information in more than one plane, we can see only the aspects of it that we ourselves have projected into this level of existence which we inhabit.

“In the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out indefinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of the deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel at the Net’s every node, and since the net is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering like stars of the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that the process of reflection is infinite.”
[Avatamasaka Sutra]

It can be seen, therefore, that the practice of radionics replicates (or at least mimics) the creative, sustaining processes of the cosmos. The world around us constantly reveals conscious (or structured, coherent) design following principle, archetypal patterns. Since the purpose of a radionic instrument is essentially to participate in the creative process that is endlessly pouring forth this finely structured universe, it follows that the device, too, must be as finely structured.

Delawarr radionic instrument | Delawarr wiring | Metatron’s Cube

Consciousness and the manifested universe are the coherence emerging from chaos or infinite potential. We cannot expect that a device intended to attract convergence of desire and outcome to be scattered and uncoordinated and disconnected in either appearance or function – unless, that is, the focus and intensity of the operator’s mind is above that of the average mere mortal. (I’m joking, but only partially.) Ideally, the instrument should symbolise, in every aspect of its design, harmony and coherence between the intention in our mind and its projection into the universe.

It is also worth noting that the tuning of the instrument, the turning of dials, the placement of sigils or reagents, etc, alters the pattern, creating a shift in tension, shape and space. Even changes in electrical potential in a circuit is analogous to change of form.

“By changing the structure of Space, you can change connections, events and their consequences that take place in it… Harmonious geometric proportions (e.g. corresponding to the Golden Ratio) structure Space with a high degree of harmony… All connections, processes, events and their consequences in such Space will strive for the most harmonious manifestation in time… A space with a high degree of harmony of all possible scenarios for the development of events will give priority to the most harmonious. It will seek to push out everything that does not correspond to its structure.”
[Alexander Efimovich Golod]

In summary, I feel that the design and functionality of the instruments themselves do play a vital role. We are living in a universe that answers to archetypal regulatory rules of patterns that play throughout and give form to it: e.g. Fibonacci, Pi, Phi (Golden Ratio), etc. It is preferable that the instrument embodies patterns and ratios in various forms, such as relationships between resistance or capacitance values of electronic components, angles of the dial rotations, number sequences, etc, and use wires or inscribed lines to simulate the flow of energetic information. And then, of course, there is the aesthetic factor, by which the practitioner can feel more or less emotionally (and thus subconsciously) engaged with the process he or she has initiated.

The instrument must have a coherent structure, or pattern, which reflects the workings of the cosmos. The practitioner and his or her intention are components of the overall “pattern” when tuning the instrument. The purpose of the instrument and the manifested outcome are united by the operator, within the field of consciousness.

Thanks for reading this far! I hope you have received some insights from this stream of consciousness. Please join the conversation and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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11 thoughts on “Radionic Design, Relationship and Coherence

  1. It’s interesting you use the Gospel of Phillip ( apocryphal ), where it speaks about Christogensis, that once alignment is achieved, you become the Christ, reflecting a restoration of self. As a former active Mormon, scholar, Hugh Nibley published several articles on this gospel and others from the Nag Hamadi and how it reflects the Temple ordinances, and instructions as to the purpose of the symbols, in fact, the symbol and the person are not separate despite appearance and become a little Christ. In modern day Mormon Temples the teaching that we are surrogate to people who have died with out the ordinances starts with securing first, your own, then you are free to repeat the process for and behalf of others. The gospel is almost festive when describing the inner and outer worlds etc., and the relationships in apparent separation but unification and oneness is achieved through the symbol, the icon, I have considered more accurate than a statue, as the Roman Church emphasizes. I feel that’s more distractive and closer to the carnal self, which is a view prevalent in western Christianity.

    Here’s a reference about that. It’s not Hugh Nibley, but follows his thoughts. Christian Stendahl also spoke of Christogensis, that the ultimate purpose of Christianity was to produce gods.

    1. Thanks John for sharing those insights. Very interesting. In relation to a little of this I’m more familiar with the process of Theosis (essentially becoming Christ) in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Also their devotion to the Icons, which, as you say, carry a deeper, more accurate symbolism than 3D statues.

  2. I believe that you are on to something. The operator is the key. The engine which drives the radionic process. The instrument is a focus, an interferometer, a tool. The instrument allows for an expansion or enhancement of the operators natural ability. like a telescope which allows the user to see things he can not by himself. And also like the telescope, useless without a human being to interface with it.
    I believe that a diagram drawn on paper works, but not as well as a physical instrument. The “broadcast” will take longer. And, a physical instrument (properly constructed) has a power source to power the broadcast. A paper diagram does not. Does the power come from the operator? It is likely, I think. A physical instrument also functions as a “firewall” between the operator and spirit beings that may not be friendly. But I digress. (Always wanted to say that).
    But none of that invalidates your points. Patterns and symbols are a huge part of this art called radionics. I build an external rubplate/antenna for instruments. I recently changed the design in 1 way. The antenna is now in a hexagon shaped block, instead of a square. Everything else is identical. The hexagon antenna is half again or more as powerful.
    So the form of the hexagon has some kind of definite power or quality that is more useful to radionics. At least I think it is the form and not just my thoughts about the form.
    And, like the instrument, I think that rates are a focus, or a conventionalization. They represent something, an idea or concept. But they are malleable and not carved in stone. They can be altered. Most believe that they are “discovered” and are fixed. I don’t think so.
    From my experience, the more you are aligned with the patterns, symbols, frequencies, numbers, and such of creation, the better the radionic work will be. That includes reagents and more, not just the instrument.

    Rudolph Steiner referred to what he called mechanical occultism. I don’t know what else he could be referring to besides radionics. Symbolism and patterns are no small part of “occcultism”.
    Personally, I think radionics is magic. No difference except the tools and protocols used. We are working with the same energy. Look at the words, broadcast (broad cast), and cast a spell. Just for one example.

    As for Christogenesis and Theosis, I think the difference is mainly semantics.

    1. Thanks Dan. I appreciate the points you make. And your experience with the hexagonal stickpad is most interesting! It bears out my intuitions and research. Does it produce a more precise “stick” or just improved broadcast?
      On the subject of “broadcast”, I think that that term actually came from Ruth Drown and the belief that radionics actually worked via the mysterious mechanisms of radio. But I take your point.
      I’ve been aware of Rudolf Steiner talking about machinery and the mind, etc, but not enough to really understand his perspective on that. I need to dig a bit deeper.
      Again, thanks for your comments.

  3. Love this article! My brain has been getting tickled for a while with thoughts of symbols and patterns inducing change in reality. A physical machine doing something, pretty much anything(?), “energizes” a pattern or symbol integrated with the machine. The pattern ripples through the greater field of consciousness as a result. Not just the operator’s local consciousness.

    1. Hi Eric.
      So I looked at your site and read your thoughts about this post. I maintain that radionics IS magic. The only difference is the tools and protocols. Radionics and magic do the same things and work with the same forces, generally speaking. There are many systems of magic around the world using various tools, methods, and rituals. Most modern people can’t get behind all the trappings of magic, but if you have a “machine” with dials and numbers and switches and buttons on it, then that makes sense to the modern monkey mind.
      As an aside. I say that the word machine is incorrect and should never be used for these devices.
      They are instruments. Like a telescope, the instrument extends and enhances our natural abilities, in this case psychic abilities. The instrument lets us do things beyond our natural abilities while exercising our psychic “muscles” and helping us grow. Our newfound abilities are further expanded by the instrument, and so on. The instrument never loses concentration or focus, needs no food or sleep, and has its own energy supply.
      The instrument requires the interface with the operator to function, like a telescope. Without a human operator, both radionics instrument and telescope are useless.

      1. Hi Dan,
        I like your distinction between instruments and machines. My use of the word machine was quite imprecise. The article is going to get an update.

  4. What it follows is my personal position: it is not to be taken as the very truth.
    Your exposition is well patterned and easy to digest even if it lacks, in my opinion, any evidence about a simple incontrovertible fact: we all pertain to a living universe. From our start we all basically able to sense, deal with energies, communicate with every other living matter in the multiverse. The fact that apparently only few selected could be able to do that, does not significate that is not true. On the other hand it is my conviction that this has been set purposely to avoid danger. It is just from there that we keep inventing “Helps” to better orient our reality perception. One of this help is “Dowsing”, another is “Radionics”, another is “telekinesis”, and so on till Telepathy. So, dowsing is to be retained as the very basic. You must discover it by yourself. This wil automatically happen in a certain point of your life. A the other abilities could follow.
    To be short I will not expose what are waiting for us.
    I want just to say that Radionic is just a first step to convince your consciousness that something that you considered weird is really possible: is all up to your own Desire & Will.
    Mind operation is easier(!): no need to any real or virtual machine. All is required is your Mind action.
    It is not to be intended as Magic: it will cost you lot of mental effort and energy, but you, in time, will obtain results. I warn you it is not so easy as I am depicting it…..but perhaps close enough!

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