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  1. Hola deseo información de como adquirir las tarjetas todas soy médico homeópata de Xalapa Veracruz México

  2. I would like to make my own cards. Is there an instructions about how to make them? I have some special remedies I want to transform into cards. thank you

    1. Dowsing is a way to do this. Hold the remedy in your mind, and use a pendulum over a circular chart with degree markings. Where it oscillates, take that as a radial line on the card. Continue until you have all the lines.
      Another method is to use a radionic instrument with dials. Put the remedy on the instrument, and when turning the dial while using the pendulum, when you get a positive reading with the pendulum, make a note of the position of the dial. If it is, say, on position 3, then transpose the line onto the card in position 3 (the card having corresponding imaginary radial lines around its perimeter, starting from the top/north/12 o’clock position). Carry on until you have all the lines. I hope this helps.

  3. Buen día, estoy buscando tarjetas para radionica base 10 tendrán a la venta, gracias

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