Consciousness and the Instrument-Mind Interface

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Consciousness and the Instrument-Mind Interface

Consciousness and the instrument-mind interface are subjects that are rarely discussed in a neutral way when it comes to radionics. It’s a subject that people will take sides on, to the extreme ends of one side or the other, and will not always meet. They will often argue the point that radionics is solely a mental activity, that anyone can produce the same result that radionics does once the “training wheels” come off. Or they will argue that it is all to do with the instrument, that scalar waves (or quantum effects, or whatever is in vogue at the time) occur because of resonance between the blades of variable capacitors connected to an RF transmitter and a Tesla antenna. Or whatever.

I’m not saying that they are wrong. In fact the radionics function does seem to ride on the interface between thought and matter. You think of a desired outcome, twiddle some knobs on a box, and voila! Well it’s not quite like that (although sometimes it is, actually) but you know what I mean. Both thought and instrument are required if radionics is to truly do what it says on the packet. Basically the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I’m here to argue that the instrument is just as important as the mind is in this endeavour, and vice versa. The thing is that an instrument doesn’t get tired – humans do. An instrument can hold an intention or thought indefinitely, whereas a human cannot. Therefore an instrument is superior (in this case anyway, but few others) to humans for achieving the kinds of results we are seeking. Its intention doesn’t wander, it doesn’t tire, and it just keeps on keeping on. Similarly it can serve to prevent negative “blowback” during the treatment process.

A device created with a specific purpose, coordinated and designed intelligently, cannot fail but to fulfil that purpose. Information may be stored, processed and transmitted in such a system; it may form something out of nothing, essentially. (Informari = Latin, meaning to give form to, to inform.) Complex and coordinated systems do contain a certain level of consciousness – not measured according to human standards, but a consciousness nonetheless.

William A. Tiller, professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, performed several experiments with physical devices which he called Intention Host Devices. These were simple electronic devices which were designed to hold clear human intention, and effect change on what we call physical reality. With the use of these devices, Bill Tiller was able to change the pH of water one full pH unit, either up or down, and reduce the development time of fruit fly larvae by 25%. By doing so, he was able to show that we live in a dual reality world in which we are in either a coupled state with physical reality, or an uncoupled state. We are able to bring coherence to the chaos of reality with our intention, in harmony with the physical instrument. At other times it may be said that we are in an uncoupled state with reality.

Bill Tiller and his team then made a rather startling discovery. The sample at their control site, without an Intention Host Device, had performed almost precisely the same as their experiment sites, thousands of kilometres away. What they hypothesised was that there was “information entanglement” (not quantum entanglement) occurring at the macro level, and this experiment was replicable.

F. David Peat, a physicist who worked with another holistic visionary, David Bohm, wrote in his book “Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind”:

“Because of the internal complexity of the (television) set, this negligible energy of information is able to shape the electronic processes within the circuits and form a series of images on the screen. Formative information may work within matter in a similar way, providing that the internal structure of matter is of sufficiently complexity.”

Also, Christof Koch, Professor of Cognitive and Behavioural Biology, wrote:

“Information does not depend on the substrate. The same information can be represented as lines on paper, as electrical charges inside a PC’s memory banks or as the strength of the synaptic connections among nerve cells…
“Whatever information you are conscious of is wholly and completely presented to your mind; it cannot be subdivided…
“The more integrated the system is, the more synergy it has, the more conscious it is…
“All systems that are sufficiently integrated and differentiated will have some minimal consciousness associated with them: not only our beloved dogs and cats but also mice, squid, bees and worms…
“The hitherto ineffable—consciousness itself—…would validate the ancient Pythagorean belief that ‘number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons.’”

Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius, 1660

The observations of Pythagoras that “number is the ruler of forms and ideas”, is a hint here that radionics is on the right track. Doctor Charles McWilliams observed that it is more than just numbers that are important, it is also pattern (from his book “The Ten Dimensions of Homeopathic Medicines”):

“The operational force of Radionics has been claimed to be everything from psychic energy to the intent of the operator. Neither one of these is entirely correct, but Radionics instruments will react to such energies. True Radionics is the practice of connecting to the life force through form and structure, intention, intuition and suggestion, into healing frequencies conveyed through the medium of water or aether (free space). In this sense it is a high form of prayer which goes beyond intent and is made manifest into the physical.”

It is form and structure, PLUS intention, intuition and suggestion which is at the core of radionic practice. Note also prayer, an interaction with the sacred; this latter we shall observe is given geometric form. (I take issue with the term “frequencies” but we’ll let that ride.)

Form and structure occurs in the instrument itself, possessing dimension and functionality. The dimensions may have the Phi ratio of the Royal Cubit (as my latest instrument does) or possess some other sacred geometry such as the Fibonacci sequence. This utilization of sacred ratios is, however, an area that I believe is more or less unexplored in the English speaking world of radionics – less so, for example, in French culture. (Most people simply find a box to stuff the workings into.) Sacred geometry here may be defined as the energy pattern that creates and unifies all things.

Radionic instrument

Physicists Robert E Grant and Talal Ghannam had this to say about numbers and sacred geometry in their book, “Philomath: The Geometric Unification of Science & Art Through Number”:

“Geometry and numbers are not separate entities; they are strongly connected and interlinked. Can we think of a pentagonal flower without invoking number 5 in the back of our heads? The Fibonacci sequence is purely numeric in its essence; however, once its numbers are mapped into dimensions of squares, a beautiful spiral found abundantly in nature can be traced within. Fundamental constants like π and the golden ratio Φ are infinite numbers that govern geometrical forms and their expansions. In fact, whenever there is a shape or form that resonates with us humans, its dimensions and proportions would almost always be based on magical numbers or fundamental constants…
“If these ratios turned out to be based on magical numbers, the experience would transcend our brains and delve deep into our souls.
“Hence, numbers are one conduit by which the sight, mind and soul are interconnected. And through this sense, man found the second layer of the divine encryption, geometry, where the first layer is but numbers themselves.”

Harvard mathematician Shing-Tung Yau, in the book “The Shape of Inner Space”, said that:

“I would go so far as to say that geometry not only deserves a place at the table alongside physics and cosmology, but in many ways it is the table.”

Plutarch wrote:

“Plato said god geometrizes continually.”

Bees construct hexagonal cells for their brood and honey, the nautilus shell creates a logarithmic spiral, sometimes called the Fibonacci spiral – evidence of sacred geometry in nature. Sacred geometry may be said to be the patterns observed in nature, projected onto something that is manmade.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Ancient Indian temples, Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian architecture, mosques, and Medieval European cathedrals, all utilised sacred geometry. The ancients understood that there is something in the geometrical structure which resonates and is harmonious with us. Leonardo da Vinci drew his Vitruvian Man which illustrated this connection.

Mandalas and yantras (2 dimensional), the Platonic Solids (3 dimensional) and the Tesseract (4 dimensional) emerge as examples of sacred geometry.

Yantra, Platonic Solids, Tesseract

If we refer back to Doctor McWilliams’ definition of radionics, it leaves us to explore intention, intuition and suggestion. None of this would be possible without thought and, of course, consciousness. Annie Besant, in her book “Study of Consciousness”, wrote:

“Consciousness is the one reality, in the fullest sense of that much-used phrase; it follows from this that any reality found anywhere is drawn from consciousness. That consciousness in which everything is, everything literally, ‘possible’ as well as ‘actual’ – actual being that which is thought of as existent by a separated consciousness in time and space, and possible all that which is not so being thought of at any period in time and any point in space – we call Absolute Consciousness… Consciousness dealing with a definite time, however long or short, with a definite space, however vast or restricted, is individual, that of a concrete Being, a Lord of many universes, or a universe or of any so-called portion of a universe, his portion and to him therefore a universe… on which he can impose his own reality, can think of as existing like himself, is his universe.”

Here we have the idea that everything perceived by an individual consciousness is indeed a universe, subject to creation and existence (the actual) and the unmanifest potential (the possible). Our reality is imposed upon our universe. Everything we perceive is (essentially) allowed by consciousness. This may be a difficult point to grasp. But it is the human purpose – our very responsibility – to grow in this understanding, that we are not victims of circumstance, but the authors of our reality, even from before this birth. We are the cause as well as the effect.

Ruth Drown, the great radionics pioneer, wrote in her book “The Science and Philosophy of the Drown Radio Therapy”:

“This is difficult for us to realize, but it is nevertheless true; activity is continuously going on, even in the hardest substances. Thus we see merely that which is a precipitate of an invisible energy… Only the results of all these activities are visible. For instance, we see and feel only the effect of the wind, not its underlying cause… Its purpose is to expand the consciousness from the plane of effects to include also the plane of cause…
“Everyone seems to agree that intelligence belongs to the physical world, but no one has seen it – only its manifestation, or, let us say, its precipitation. No one sees the thought until after it has taken form.
“This, then, leads us to an awareness of energy and power behind the outer precipitation of the thought, and we realise that we can continuously draw upon that source of supply.
“The thought is only the framework or pattern… There is no thought that is not followed by energy…
“When a line of this Life Force comes onto the earth, it comes as a small seed in which the idea or pattern is folded. This pattern is complete, having in it the energy line of that which it can stretch into and become.”

Thus radionics may be seen as the manifestation (energisation) of thought into form, and into pattern. I’ve written about this previously [link] and in other places, of how patterns symbolise reality and, in fact, form the basis of radionics. Thought is the framework for anything to exist. Even in the exoteric sense, everything man-made existed first as a thought before it reached manifestation. But in a more mystical, esoteric sense, there is the power behind the thought which is the creative genius.

The Octagon, Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, England

On this note, I was reading Alice Bailey’s “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire”, in which she writes:

“The Divine Flame is formed on the second plane, the monadic, and magnetism (which is a method of demonstrating radiatory fire) is therefore felt paramountly on the fourth and sixth planes, or through the buddhic and astral vehicles. These are, as we know, closely allied to the second plane. This distinction is of importance and should be carefully recognised.”

I was interested to notice the reference to magnetism having a transcendent property, carrying information into lower planes of existence. This is probably the reason why the use of magnets in Malcolm Rae’s instruments was so successful. But this does imply that our intentions and suggestions must be as pure as possible if they are to descend from the highest into these planes so close to our physical existence.

Ceiling painting, Sundareswarar Temple, Kovur, Chennai, India

Thought is thus impressed upon ether (the substratum of everything). According to yogic philosophy there are 8 ethers:

1. The chemical ether. (Comprising the physical universe.)
2. The information ether. (Both analogue and digital, stored in the brain and computers, able to be exchanged between entities.)
3. The resonance ether. (The space beyond information, contains vibrations of every event, makes up the Akashic ether.)
4. The life force ether. (The focus of Ruth Drown and David Tansley, the movement of which is Prana/Chi, coming together in the Chakras.)
5. The desire ether. (Comprising impressions of attraction, repulsion and equanimity. Negative patterns of thought may repulse what we desire.)
6. The thought form ether. (Thoughts appearing as animated forms.)
7. The consciousness ether. (The stream of thoughts arising from the void of consciousness.)
8. The archetypal ether. (The vehicle of consciousness, the unconscious realm of Myth, heroes and gods.)

These eight ethers culminate with the divine mind, but are, of course, one ether. As Ruth Drown put it:

“There is but One Life, One Substance, and One Energy!… the underlying thought of Life as energy acting through substance.” (ibid)

Anahata, painting by David Heskin

But for convenience we may subdivide the ether into these components. If we rightly understand the ethers, we can see that they ascend from the physical (where we manifest and have our radionic instrument) through to Pure Consciousness (the divine mind which contains all things). If we are able to attune our thoughts, our intention, our mental suggestion rightly, then it will precipitate its way downward into the level of physical manifestation. After all, the physical is just the precipitation of higher levels of consciousness.

Ruth Drown told us about this advance to the perfection of higher levels of consciousness:

“Everyone must and can learn only from his own little point in the scheme of things, and in so doing raise his consciousness to where, at last, he knows he is the ruler of his own particular world, with power to command it when he has won through self-command.
“And so we come back, inevitably, to the fact that we must begin with ourselves…
“Within us is the latent ability to become MASTERS. For we are Masters as certainly as an acorn is a potential oak tree. As we progress we master many things in life, but the most important mastery is that of self: our minds, thoughts, feelings, appetites and bodies.
“Human beings are embryonic Gods, because they CAN attain self-mastery, because they have the ability to manifest perfection.” (ibid)

And finally, Ruth Drown once more:

“…the minerals and fluids in the body, as well as the total Life Force, or invisible Light ray… together form a current similar to that of a dry cell battery…
“It will be easily understood, therefore, that anyone wishing this form of diagnosis and treatment should first know his source of life energy, and the way in which he obstructs its channels with his thoughts and feelings. If he would command his body into health and maintain that health, he must make it his definite work to try to harmonize himself.” (ibid)

When you take into consideration the esoteric visionaries who have written more or less from the dawn of time (or since the invention of writing anyway) you can get a hint of this. You can see that the instrument is a vehicle for self development, while being at the same time an interface from higher realities (consciousness) to lower (physical), which will hold the thought occurring in the higher realities for an indefinite period or until a result is achieved – subject to the higher will, of course.

As always, feel free to engage in the conversation and leave a comment below.


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