Elements of Radionics: The Instrument – An Interface

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Elements of Radionics: The Instrument – An Interface

This article is further enquiry in my quest to understand the radionic phenomenon and create a theory of radionic function. Radionics is the use of an instrument, a physical device, with the intention of affecting or analysing a physical entity, person or situation. What happens between these two localities (the instrument and outcome) is what interests me. I don’t think that it is actually a radionic phenomenoncause-effect relationship so much as a holistic event occurring in the totality of consciousness itself, outside limits of space-time. This may seem to have some relationship to Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” which may be simply the observer’s mind creating distance that isn’t actually there.

Therefore I wish to investigate here the function of the physical radionics device and how it works in sympathy with the operator’s intention and its manifested outcome. As I noted above, it is probable that they are actually one “event” and there is no causal relationship. Nevertheless the instrument has a specific, defined function, even if the designer and operator don’t actually know why it does what they intend it to do.

I believe, as Dr David R Pearl observed when describing the revolutionary work of Ruth Drown, one of the pioneers in modern radionics: “It is necessary to become as thoroughly familiar and as nearly in tune as possible with the theory and philosophy behind it… We must be in harmony with this system of tuning in to the Infinite… The second requisite is to know the instruments themselves – to understand them, what can be done with them, and how they operate.”

Electronics or Radionics?

Even while we accept that we have a physical device, and we observe that there is a change in physical condition of a person as a result of using that instrument, there remains the question of how there is communication between one locality and the other in a non-physical manner. In other words, how can a radionic analysis, treatment or broadcast be effective regardless of distance? It is clear that a radionics broadcast is a function that is not limited to EMF or RF (electromagnetic field or radio frequency) which are restricted to time and space (i.e. frequency or other qualities).

radionic instrumentNevertheless the radionics instrument does have a tangible presence and is thus subject to Newtonian and quantum physics. In most instruments, electronic components and certain electronic functionality are used, however it is important that radionics should not be confused with electronics. A combination of electronic components does not directly produce the radionic phenomenon. The components and their function are simply part of the complex informational patterns that interface with our material reality.

So how does the instrument work? It is not my intention to discuss individual schematics or designs, since each is merely a different way to achieve the same end. However electronic components and wiring do guide and manipulate energy or information, but again this should not be considered to be electronic even if electronic functions are happening in the device. With the presence of wiring and various components and the electrical potential across them, there is an electromagnetic functionality to such a radionic device even if it doesn’t follow logical electronic purpose. It has been observed by energy radionic electronicssensitive radionics practitioners that there is a localized field (EM or scalar?) set up between, and connecting, the input and output plates (or wells). This field is a kind of “informational spark gap” powered by (or rather, informed or varied by) the wiring schematic, potentiometers and/or variable capacitors of the instrument.

The intended treatment is set on the instrument by means of the tuned “pattern” of the rates dials or geometric design (e.g. Rae-type MGA cards or similar) within the instrument itself, which in turn is attenuated or “regulated” by the influence of any additional remedy on the input and the presence of the witness on the output. Thus a cyclic circuit can be imagined: the field between the two plates as one half of the circuit (so to speak) connecting the rates dials etc (as per the instrument’s design) on the other side. This sets up a circular self-referencing local pattern, perhaps EM and/or scalar, influenced by what is placed on the input/output plates. All this can be defined by the physical and electrical nature of the instrument.

The Interface Between Matter and Consciousness

This is where we need to take a step back from a physical-world view. “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible,” as Jonathan Swift said.

radionic resonanceThe tuned circuit (where the tuning is applied via the settings on the dials or a geometric diagram, and any remedy applied to the input) is actually a resonant pattern at an informational level. As such, it is self-stabilising (due to its self-resonance) and seeks stability when the influence of the witness, applied to the output, puts it out of balance or resonance. The self-resonant informational pattern (that we perceive as the instrument) will seek to restore balance from any imbalance imposed on it, for example from the presence of a witness of a person or situation whose condition is less than ideal.

The localised field that is formed by the instrument will therefore be constantly applying tension to the cause of imbalance (i.e. the witness) due to its natural tendency to seek balance with its tuned resonance. This is occurring at an informational, pre-manifest level. It is not physical. Meanwhile the person or situation being treated constantly receives this self-corrective, balancing information and, if all goes well, comes into a state of balance or harmony with the radionic intention.

consciousness levelsAs I implied above, this is not a process but a harmonious occurrence. All of this occurs at the level of witnessing consciousness, though we perceive it through the filters of desire, time, distance, etc, which are the “boundary conditions” or horizon of the mind.

To conclude, the radionic instrument is a convenient device used with the purpose of achieving an end result, the process of which is beyond our direct and physical control. I am of the opinion that the operator’s intention (movement of the mind) and observation (that which manifests) work in harmony with – and essentially empowers – the physical device (interface between levels of reality). As an interface, the instrument must manifest in various “forms” at different levels of reality, from the gross to the subtle, which therefore cannot be explained fully by one set of rules or another. If it functions here, it is because we have a device made of the same stuff that we can observe and measure. If it functions “there,” it is because it represents entirely different and intangible principles, although its intrinsic purpose radiates or reverberates at many levels. (Or perhaps it could even be said that the physical instrument exists and functions because its principle first exists at higher levels.)

Please join the conversation by commenting below. I would love to read your insights into the radionic function.

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3 thoughts on “Elements of Radionics: The Instrument – An Interface

  1. Congratulation for this great post!!!
    It was a joy for me to read and contemplate.

    Localization is no problem inside the materialistic worldview, where it is considered as a normal state of being. Every atom has its position = x,y,z and a vector for a movement in time = vx1,vx2,vx3.

    I was playing around with Unity 3D, a modern game engine. There you create a virtual reality and objects are placed inside a virtual space. Positions and velocity are all encoded with coordinates and vectors. They are represented by information.

    Similar to this are particles on atomic level. They seem not to be sure where they exactly are located in space. Rather they prefer to tell you just a probability, a maybe, 99% or 0.0001%, and only when they are observed they decide to deliver a determined information of their location.

    Physical reality is only a virtual state of our immaterial collective mind. We generate space and time and evaluate if this reality is good enough for the entirety. There are several similar theories regarding the ultimate nature of reality, most of them came to the conclusion that it must be a spiritual dimension, where nonlocality is the norm. Biocentrism, idealism, … just words to describe one and the same thing.

    The most important aspect is how mind at the end is able to generate space and time and matter. I use the word “generate” as in electromagnetism, because humans cannot “create” something new, only bring forth out of the deep collective subconsciousness patterns which can be glued together like a puzzle.

    1. Thanks Isuret, I appreciate your observations! I believe that understanding consciousness is key to the understanding of everything.

  2. I was just watching Tom Beardens spooky action at a distance video where he explains the physics of how radionics works, and another where he explains the physics of scalar waves/fields. He goes into some detail about the electron, photon, the atomic nucleus, and the virtual particle flux. If you haven’t seen them you should watch some time. The spooky action at a distance video is currently pulled off of Youtube (again). The other one is on Youtube. You can buy the first one from Kelly Research Tech.

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