Elements of Radionics: Frequencies or Information Fields?

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Elements of Radionics: Frequencies or Information Fields?

Some radionics practitioners, and even instrument manufacturers, believe that radionics uses frequencies, or at least requires carrier waves to function. I will discuss why I believe that radionic energy is not based on frequency and is essentially an informational system.

Frequencies are defined by wavelength and cycles per second, thus are limited by time and space. Since distance is irrelevant to the way radionics functions, it seems to me that radionics functions in the realm of the mind and “Akasha” (in the Theosophical sense of Akasha being the etheric compendium of all that is and has been) and doesn’t function with carrier frequencies or anything relying on 3 dimensional space. The mind is able to manufacture intention and access the “Collective Unconscious,” a term that Jung coined, which may be the human interface with the field of Akasha.

radionic energy frequenciesFurther to this, Russian mystic Vadim Zeland talks of the “Space of Variations” which is an information structure storing the scripts for all possible flows of events.
In terms of our 3 dimensional world vision, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, a stationary matrix – a structure defining everything that could happen in our world.
Under some circumstances, the energy of human thoughts can materialize a sector of the Space of Variations, in a state of intention.

Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in physics, also suggests that all possible realities do actually exist. It is my understanding that radionics resonates in the informational field (Space of Variations) so as to manifest the intended results in our physical reality. It is conceivable, then, that the practice of radionics crosses the threshold between this reality and that which contains the desired condition or situation, acting as an “information carrier wave” between the two.

The operation of radionics is “pre-physical.” Immediately prior to a material manifestation there must be the information of the final outcome, in a similar way that seed has the information or “existence” of an entire forest in its being. Put another way, a diseased organ starts out as a mutated cell which has had the information of mutation imparted to it in some way. Radionics is the art of balancing this information to bring about the desired and ideal outcome, by influencing the situation at the informational level. This level is the field of Akasha, referred to above.

What, then, are we to do with the radionic concepts of carrier waves, amplification and broadcasting treatment?

Early development of radionics instruments had no amplification in their design, apart from the operators’ intention or clarity, and often the Earth’s magnetic field, and they generated no frequencies. If we study the history of radionics through the work of Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown and George de la Warr as examples, no amplification or carrier waves were utilised in their instrument designs, yet they worked, and the results of their experiments, successful and otherwise, have been published in several books. The early radionic practitioners approached their art as if it was a science, and their experiments do not appear to have suffered from lack of carrier frequencies or signal generators.

In my personal collection I have several old Copen and Delawarr instruments that don’t include signal amplification or RF transmitters in their designs. The circuit in one Copen instrument is simply energised by a single pole of a 9v battery. Another Copen instrument uses an audio amplifier in its design, yet the amplifier is unpowered; there is no electricity going to the circuit board. Think of the implications here. It would appear that the radionic function is also by the intention of the instrument maker. Based on these early instrument designs, unless the radionic phenomenon has begun operating by different principles in recent years, no carrier frequencies or signal amplification are required for operation, even if amplifiers and transmitters do tend to improve broadcast times and the effectiveness of the treatments.

Copen radionicsFurthermore, since some radionic instruments use either variable capacitors and radio transmitters (e.g. Hieronymus-style instruments, which do actually transmit radio frequencies) and others utilise variable resistors with no actual amplification (e.g. Copen, which cannot possibly transmit frequencies) while others use magnets or are even merely diagrams printed on paper, then it must be that radionics functions by means of something other than frequencies.

John Ruskin asserted: “Always stand by form against force.” And Viktor Schauberger observed: “We need no science of formulas, but a science of form.”

My understanding is that radionics is pattern-based and “transmits” information. The instrument is a tuneable pattern (or yantra) that the operator tunes to resonate with the ideal or cosmic “image” in the Akasha or collective consciousness. A yantra (a Hindu concept which means, literally, “device” or “machine”) is a shape or diagram that is understood to focus spiritual or cosmic power. Plato talked about ideal images that are the basis of everything in the manifest world, and I feel that the tuned instrument (yantra) resonates with the Ideal via our focused intention held while tuning the instrument. No frequencies are involved, unless it is considered to be the mental focus directed to the instrument.

It would seem that many people use the concept of “frequencies” because it is a part of the material world, if invisible, and they understand the material world better than they do consciousness itself. I am reminded that in early 20th Century books such as “Autobiography of a Yogi” there was excitement over the newly discovered subtle aspects of the material world (i.e. electricity and radio waves) to describe the spiritual reality. Reading such concepts today, I find them slightly humorous, if understandable.

Nevertheless radionics does appear to benefit from the use of some form of amplification or carrier wave, probably because radionics operates at the interface between the material and mental worlds. These days such methods as “Orgonite”, quartz crystals, signal amplifiers and RF transmitters are used to improve treatment efficiency and broadcast times. As radionic treatment is often directed to a person or place outside of radio range of an instrument, such methods of boosting efficiency must be another layer (so to speak) of the informational pattern that is created by the instrument. (You may read more about my concept of radionic patterns in the article Elements of Radionics – Rates and Dials.)

Finally it has to be said that the material world should be understood to be essentially an overlay on the field of consciousness. From the insights of mystics, alchemists and sages, it is clear that the only reality is consciousness itself, from which the mind, the elements and the universe arise. Of course this is a topic that transcends radionics, but I believe that this is the basis for understanding how radionics functions. Nevertheless it can be seen that radionics is a practice of awareness, bringing an intention or desired outcome into the field of focus and observation. Much more can be said about this, but I will leave it for another time.

I hope this overview of the perceived relationship between radionics and frequencies can benefit your own radionic practice. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts if this article has been useful to you.

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4 thoughts on “Elements of Radionics: Frequencies or Information Fields?

  1. From my research in the field of paradigms, which I performed in part in diverse social networks, I encountered this aspect, that whenever you tell people that the mind is supreme and matter is only a derivative, they don’t like it and you can actually feel it in an energetic way that they fear the idea of a world based on pure consciousness.

  2. I am of the opinion that Radionics is not a practice of just awareness but ‘Constant Integrated Awareness’

    Excellent material on Radionics.

  3. Radionics to me appears to be a way to trick us into tapping into the potential of the mind. If the machine operator believes the device works and has no physical or spiritual encumbrances then the intention can be transmitted. The machines are merely tools to help us utilize our potential. Beyond broadcasting and receiving, is physical manifestation of objects. Radionics applied to agriculture are beyond fascinating and bear immediate results…

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