The Reciprocal Circles Board

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The Reciprocal Circles Board

It seems likely that radionics, as it is normally accepted, is really radionics with circuits. However it is probable that radionics, as such, is something else entirely. Many people, especially the French, have created radionics without any electronic components at all. And the French are experts at it. From this perspective it is obvious that radionics works in a non-electronic way.

According to the French, radiesthesia and radionics phenomenally occur between two fields – the local and the universal. According to Jacques Ravatin, doctor of science in physics and mathematics, the universal field exists in an immaterial way in all things. Its effects may only be detected by the emanations that the object produces via its form or volume. The dowser or radionicist connects with this plane through their forms.

This field cannot be defined by values or measurements, but may be observed through subtle perception (feelings) and dowsing. The universal field interacts with the local field, which is the measurable and quantifiable. The relationship between these two gives rise to the phenomenon known as emissions due to forms.

However, these emissions due to forms, originating in the universal field, cannot be considered as waves of any sort. They are not “energies” as we traditionally understand them, but emissions from a field whose nature cannot be expressed in values or measurements. They are states which may, for example, be detectable through the Hebrew alphabet.

This is why talking of “waves” or “electromagnetic emissions” implies the application of conventions of the local field to the universal field, which can only generate confusion and distortion to the practice of radionics.

The original Atlantis ring, and André de Bélizal’s Atlantis bar projected from the ring.

A Radionics Instrument without Circuitry

In the 1970s, Mr Jean De la Foye, a French agricultural engineer and dowser, in association with Conte de Belizal and Mr Jean-Gaston Bardet, developed a radionic instrument called the “Reciprocal Circles Board”. What is it, and what does it do? In this article we will be briefly describing the historical development of the board and what it is. A more in-depth description of the device may be found in Jean De la Foye’s book, “Ondes de vie, ondes de mort” (Waves of Life, Waves of Death).

The device is described in his book as a radionics tool for sending remote emissions, a method to rebalance the geobiological atmosphere, and a tool for occult experiments.

This transmitter is based on four concepts:

    • The notion of “colour” emissions of a polarized body,
    • The presence of guiding axes of the field of “emissions due to forms” via the Hebrew Tetragrammaton “I AM”,
    • The law of compensation,
    • The existence of a vital field.
“Ondes de vie, ondes de mort” by Jean de la Foye.

Colour Emissions

The story begins when Conte de Belizal and Leon Chaumery studied the characteristics of an ancient Egyptian ring known as the “Atlantis ring”, and a pendulum known as the “Egyptian pendulum” or “Thoth pendulum”. The two researchers realised that items of certain shapes have the capacity to take charge of some otherwise unknown emissions which were able to act upon their local and remote environments.

They therefore began studying the simplest geometrical shape: the sphere. Using a pendulum, they discovered that the sphere emitted what they called, for convention, “colours”. For the record, they used small pieces of coloured cloth as witnesses for these emissions. Importantly, they found that these 12 emissions termed “colours” moved on the sphere with respect to the course of the sun.

Jean De la Foye took the discoveries of these pioneers and continued the research on the circumference of a tree trunk. Once again he found the 12 colours around the tree trunk, but discovered three additional things:

    • Colours double up to twice the radius of the trunk. There are so-called 12 “Electric” colours and 12 “Magnetic” colours.
    • If a nail is driven into the trunk, the present colour is selected, projected onto the south axis, at 180° of a circle whose 0° is magnetic north -5°.
    • To separate these colours relative to the sun, we may groove a wooden sphere equatorially and fix an adjustable ring (similar to the nail in the tree trunk), thus creating a selective “emitter of colours”, the equatorial pendulum.

Utilising these realisations, he then had the knowledge to create the Reciprocal Circles Board.

Radiesthesia colours.

The Guiding Axes

At the beginning of his research, Jean De la Foye followed the work of his mentors, but then was helped by Jean-Gaston Bardet, an architect and specialist in the square Hebrew script. This ancient script has the ability to mathematically radiate the meaning of words, through the shape of the letters, their numerical value and their pronunciation. A resonance effect is created, a witness between the vibrant word and the object being researched.

Once Jean De la Foye dowsed the vibration of each of the letters of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton YHWH (their emitted colour) and relating them to the colour emissions of the sphere, then he could cut grooves which would balance the emissions of the sphere – or in this case, the disc – which he called the “guiding axes of the field of shapes”.

These, once engraved onto a Reciprocal Circles Board, have the ability to prevent it from saturating with energy, isolating it from external influence, and creating a microcosmic universe, complete in itself.

The guiding axes and drilling pattern to create an energetic isolation and a microcosmic universe.

The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation is derived from the law of similars. Jean De la Foye realised that if he drew geometric shapes, such as circles, with an axis of symmetry, and put a witness on one circle, then one may detect its “ghost” on the other circle, somewhat akin to cell division.

The Reciprocal Circles Board.

The Vital Field

Jean De la Foye, being a good agricultural engineer, realised that the signature of the living entity, detected via a pendulum, was manifested by a series of circles in a kind of fractal pattern, similar to cell division. The Flower of Life is a vibratory, geometrical reality, expanding to infinity.

The life force crystalizes in circles, and matter overlaps in the form of hexagonal fractals. Matter contains life, just as the circles are contained within the hexagram.

Seed of Life.


The instrument consists of a rectangular wooden board with a minimum thickness of 2cm. Density is important to optimise its mass, and therefore its emission radius. Mass is important to the creation of the instrument, a transmitter of “emissions due to forms”. For example, megaliths were created from stone – a substance of great mass – and positioned so as to attract solar emissions and establish a favourable exchange between the cosmo-telluric emissions.

A series of though-holes (on the north-south axis) and blind holes are drilled, which are the most important part of the construction. They act as a map, orienting the solar radiation, allowing the instrument to take on information rather than being simply an inert object, creating a link with the Universal field.

These holes mark the intersections of three interlocking circles and activate the accumulating capacity and emissions of the transmitter.

Grooves, vertical and horizontal, prevent the transmitting instrument from tipping over into spiritual broadcasts, so that it acts only on the physical and vital planes.

The other grooves, diagonal, define the word YHWH energetically, permitting the instrument to stabilise at a vibratory frequency of vital energy.

The dial of the Reciprocal Circles Board.

Using the Board

Orientation of the board must be done with a compass, positioning it to magnetic north -5° (or 355°; this angle remains a mystery). Once that is done the needle of the north dial is moved to select the desired “colour”. The emission will then appear vertically in the centre of the southern circle. Anything placed in the centre of the south circle will be charged from this emission.

It is important to realise that only the so-called “Magnetic” colours appearing on the western hemisphere are beneficial. The so-called “Electric” colours discharge or deplete the living organism. One or the other is neither inherently good nor bad, but simply the mechanism of transmitting energies.

A photo witness may be placed on the south circle for remote treatment. Similarly, the vibration of a substance, object or place may be copied to a carrier substance, such as oil. Place the object on the north circle, and the carrier on the south circle, which will then record the witness’s information.

Obviously there are many other uses of the Board, but these are examples to give an understanding of what is possible with it.

Alignment of the board.

I hope that this basic introduction has opened your eyes to “emissions due to forms”, and in particular to an instrument intended to harness and transmit such emissions. This science is notably French in origin, but is gradually finding its way to the English speaking world.

Much of the above information has been translated from French from Bragi Bellovaque’s book, “User Manual for the Reciprocal Circles Board”. For several years he has manufactured these instruments, handcrafted with care, incorporating various improvements and advances. To purchase the Reciprocal Circles Board, please write to him at:

As always, your feedback and conversation is welcomed. Please join in the discussion by commenting below.


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  1. This color spectrum is very interesting. The work of Chaumeray and De Belizal. Does anyone know if “Ondes de vie, ondes de mort” or the books by Chaumeray or De Belizal are available in English? I have not been able to find any. They seem to only be available in French.

    1. Unfortunately they are only published in French. I have a copy of “Waves of Life, Waves of Death” in French, but my French is terrible!
      There is a private translation by Jane Weaver (and many other French books about radiesthesia) into English.

      1. My French is virtually non existent. I find this subject fascinating.
        I took The Universal Vibrational Spectrum course from the Vesica Institute and I’ve scoured the net for pieces of information.

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